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4 entrances car guides buy
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These year come, domestic car city " east wind is crushing west wind " , 500 thousand yuan of the following and homebred cars made the first selection of the person that buy a car. Actually, it is under such price, a lot of entrance cars can serve as equipment choosing. Compare with homebred car photograph, entrance car is on the price probably a bit more expensive, using with maintain on of expenditure gigantic very apparent also, retain because of the society nevertheless the quantity is less, also appear so extraordinary

  Europe wind mainstream: Sa rich9-3

Sa rich 9-3 increases powerful motive force with the unique design style of boreal Europe all the time and the welcome that is confused by the car, 9-3 of rich of new fund Sa continued as before this one tradition, nod to basically sell with insurgent motive force.

Nevertheless, the security of this car also makes a person very commend, safe railroad car basket frame (SafetyCage) , gasbag of inductive sex safety and roof are bilateral and safe gas shade can offer a passenger the most meticulous protection, of Sa rich active the risk that safe headrest can reduce the neck in the accident to injure greatly more. This car uses plane cockpit type interior is designed, the appearance that sets around the person that drive and in tentacle of pushbutton controlling a station can be reached. Information of SID drive a vehicle shows a system, the point that can reach in the look provides information of most comprehensive drive a vehicle.

In drive the air officer field that dominate, 9-3 of rich of new fund Sa is in travel process but hour essence passes on road condition definitely, what realize person, car, way truly is direct and interactive, also avoid the happening of potential risk at the same time. Suspension of distinctive rear axle much connecting rod is designed, automobile body trends can be stabilized effectively when high speed brake, thereby better rise comfortable sex and hold charge a sex.

   Practical car: Case inferiorBeautiful is happy

Case inferior beautiful is happy be very cabinet but very economic model, the exterior is moving. Its streamline form automobile body adds upper bumper to move move is very, look more fashionable like SUV. On design of interior trim ministry, changeful and adjustable the 7 people seat of type, capacious store object space is Xin Jiale undoubtedly sell a site, especially the 3rd seat can take 2 1.8 meters tall adult and do not feel very depressive. In addition, the 2nd seat of this car and the 3rd seat perhaps can be laid respectively at the same time, form the big boot space of a level off. When 5 people take a car, the space of boot exceeds 400 litres, when mere when the first seat is taken up truckload can appear 2106 litres baggage space. In the meantime, beautiful is happy have the numerous detail such as the rack of movable type roof that can adjust the position freely, offer the biggest advantage to the passenger.
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