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New Mengdiou will at the end of the year homebred and current already appeared o
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The Geneva car that is about to kick off this month is exhibited on, brand-new Mengdiou series general first collective appears. The personage inside course of study discloses, new Mengdiou is in the likelihood the end of the year is homebred this year appear on the market sale. At present new Mengdiou has appeared on the market in abroad, RMB of price amount to makes an appointment with two hundred and twenty-six thousand two hundred ~ three hundred and sixty-seven thousand eight hundred yuan.

It is reported, brand-new Ford cheated Dioudi to offer 3 kinds of unique automobile body design: A kind of model of a kind of 4 classical luxurious litter, vogue and 5 agile cars and a capacious caravan. The dynamical configuration series that design of every kinds of automobile body has 4 kinds to differ again differs with satisfying the client's demand, the Titanium of the Ambiente series that includes a provider to use device of standard of as necessary as family expenses high level, fashionable Trend series and high end and Ghia model.