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30 new cars take a birth certificate own, joint-stock brand takes an in part eac
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National hair changes appoint released recently the 2nd batch of car produce enterprise and new product announcement this year, share include one steam group, Beijing to run quickly - nearly 30 the brand such as Ma Zida of Ford of Daimule Kelaisile, Chang'an and Biyadi is subordinate new cars are taken.

Include in what person attention gets in this batch of new cars south masses of the rank of nobility of own brand name, one steam strides steam vacate, east wind day produces viatic car black horse power He Jianghuai first cars. Among them the C class vehicle that car of money of Jiang Huai head measures 2.4L and 2.0L for the platoon, will exhibit in Shanghai car on appear and this year 67 month appear on the market formally. East wind day produces 1.6L both sides LIVINA of 4 5 journeys cars ever was exhibited in the Guangzhou car last year appear first, its prototype car produces Note for day, also will be in Shanghai car was exhibited this year in April on appear.

Publish list at the same time what still what just released by January is based on British MG platform is homebred south steam " renown the rank of nobility " .

Horse of Ford of 3 cars that platoon of red flag of two cars of 1.5L and 1.8L, one steam measures the He Zunchi of fine horse nimble that ascends declared to still have the Hua Chen 1.8L that hopeful appeared on the market March, Biyadi to be 1.8L, 2.0L respectively, Chang'an.