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More than 10 new cars queue up to appear on the market intermediate car is lifte
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The 10 or 20 days following Lunar New Year's Day just goes, transmit Shanghai beauty of blessing of car of Yilante, sea horse comes to contemporary both sides of general Xin Jingcheng, Beijing enchanted the much money heavyweight such as S-MAX of Ford of edition, Chang'an is new the message that the car is about to appear on the market. Meanwhile, depreciate big fight lifts billows above all in intermediate car city -- on March 1, 2 days, the Biekekai of the blue a twenty-five-stringed plucked instrument of 3 water chestnut of southeast car and Shanghai general motors is jumped over in succession high-key announce the price is adjusted, the biggest fall amount to 10000 yuan. Below such case, became naturally in March hold money to wait for buy a group of things with common features next odd inning.

  New car big fight is pulled open again prelusive

The concentration before the Spring Festival consumes a height to pass, of in former years March is the trough of city of the first car in a year almost. However, last year the good picture of car marketplace gush, make numerous manufacturer right car city was full of this year expect, together with two years for a time Shanghai car exhibits big play to opened gong in April, rolled out in March it is OK to be tasted newly in the warm-up before the car is exhibited, for " 51 " the sale of golden week around lays good foundation. Then, car manufacturer people ground of too impatient to wait was rolled out new round new car big fight.

As Shanghai general a money of 2007 year is homebred new car, cheng of Xue Folan new condition will appear on the market formally on March 9. Same day, sea horse car also will choose master piece again -- blessing beauty comes enchanted edition. Controlled on March 12, beijing is contemporary also will undertake adjustment to subordinate and all product, roll out car of brand-new both sides of Yi Lan spy at the same time.

Meanwhile, one batch adds match a model to also appear in succession: Car of series of Jun Yue of the general LaCROSSE that fasten a gram is in Shanghai below the premise with market changeless price, increase multinomial human nature to change luxurious and comfortable configuration, roll out a two hundred and nine thousand eight hundred yuan tall sex price to compare a model to the market at the same time -- 2.4L standard edition; Cropland of one steam abundant announces, increase price edition of two hundred and twenty-eight thousand eight hundred yuan special scuttle of 2.5S of REIZ acute annals; Strange luck QQ3 rolls out model of new standard type, add installed multinomial and comfortable reach convenience configuration, price is changeless; China morning car plans to deserve to install engine of pressure boost of 1.8 litres of turbine at was being rolled out on March 18 honour gallop...

 New Year of intermediate car city " the first fall "

Appearance in succession in a few new cars while, car city New Year the first fall subsequently and come. On March 1, the blue a twenty-five-stringed plucked instrument of 3 water chestnut of southeast car carries out the first time price since appearing on the market to adjust, fall highest achieve 8000 yuan, 4 models are adjusted by primary market price for ninety-four thousand eight hundred yuan of ~ one hundred and fifteen thousand eight hundred yuan, drop directly defeat 100 thousand yuan to close greatly. Spent time one day merely, shanghai general motors brings good news to consumer again, wholer to the Biekekai below the banner vehicle fastens the price to undertake adjustment, each model price reduces 7000 ~ 10000 yuan.
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