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New Picasso appears on the market by April 13-16 of predicting carry out 10 thou
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The Spring Festival just passed, it is one year new car forces the king or emperor to abdicate, the lively day that Laoche depreciates, just took your writing the consumer of award also compares easier former days impulse it seems that end of the year. Fine number was in 2006 " 10, 15 " the car with the strongest limelight of gold price interval that this 10 thousand families use a car, no more than is Fox, Xin Baolai, and mark 307, if you want pressingly to buy a car, still be at the same time in these a few popular cars indecisive, that covers please the pocket that tightens you -- expect the next is classical -- because of east wind the new Sa of go into battle of Xue Tielong reshipment pulls Picasso to be about to be in the last ten-day of a month appeared on the market in the round in April.

So now, we look from the news that knows integratedly at present, what does new Sa pull Picasso to have to be worth the reason that Chinese consumer expects and moves? Below we care most with Chinese car consumer " exterior, comfortable, character, price " for one by one of 4 reference axis analytic is new Sa pulled? Of Picasso " buy a place. Of Picasso " buy a place..

Is new Sa pulled? Picasso's exterior still is the water model that is full of romanticism, just compare old money the careful that more fruity, vogue accords with a Chinese is beautiful. This need not say more, like with liking is individual completely the issue that turn.

Above all, from " family expenses is capacious model car " in light of model fixed position. We can discover, ample cockpit space is Picasso's advantage all the time, new Sala Bijiasuobi wants with level car tall, wide, have the biggest in be the same as level car take a space, surmounted even tall the interior space of the car of one level; Boot capacity is 550L, 1969L is after back row seat is laid. Not only such, seat of theater type full independence can make consumer free combine the originality space that accords with his to need, depend on longish wheelbase, new Sala Picasso has relatively capacious around to discharge deepness. Below the circumstance that is fully loaded with the member that multiply, still have carry object space. And level of whole around floor is designed inside the car, be just as the sofa that sits in the home in. If fruit is such really, that is worth to expect however. Compare " automobile body length increased 7 millimeter secretly, but do not have a change as a result of wheelbase, problem of headachy short of back row space still was not solved " Xin Baolai is much more honest and kind.

Next, will look from character. Was to answer really a word, "The problem of dragon of iron of east wind snow is not character, past is not, now is not, in the future also is not. " Picasso suffers in Europe and even global market equipment is clear proof namely reputably. Alleged character, in the eye of general China consumer, no more than is dynamical sex, security is mixed hold charge a sex. If configure,can satisfy a Chinese more of course then more " corrupt big demand perfection " psychology. In light of the news that knows from government of dragon of iron of east wind snow: On dynamical sex, compare with photograph of numerous competition model, new Sala Picasso offerred more motivation to choose. Besides 2.0L engine, new Sala Picasso still embarks have 1.6L 16V high-powered engine, most high-power is 78KW, the biggest torque is 142NM. Can satisfy consumer to behave the dual requirement with fuel economy to motivation well. And in hold accuse a gender to go up, the technology of exceedingly good batholith that new Sala Picasso has, cooperate to aid force to turn to system, hand to wait to be brought jointly from gear-box of intelligence of order of an organic whole perfect hold experience charging a sex. On security, the high strength that new Sala Picasso has unifinication sucks automobile body, can particular rear axle to follow using the apply the brake of around disk type that turns to technology, ABS EBD is system of guard against theft of all, electron password, back a car the active passivity such as radar equips. Of the computer of drive a vehicle of intelligent intelligence network and digitlization muti_function information shows remind along with heart control, advanced and practical.
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