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Considering region is privilege completely 8000 yuan
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Last week, reporter from east wind this cropland 4S inn understands, east wind this Tian Quanxin considers region at present favourable extent is 8000 yuan.

As we have learned, the VTEC of this cropland original creation (alterable valve when reach electron rising Cheng to control a system) engine is farther developmental, make think of region to be able to embark brand-new the 1.8L I-VTEC engine of development. Shut time through spiracle is being controlled below transport condition, the mixture that controls engine enrages inspiratory quantity to be in groove.

In regarding as extremely the parvenu of the model, the price that considers region does not have how old surprise really. In the initial stage that appear on the market, the price wave motion that considers region is quite fierce still, last year December, consider region the price privilege of highest version achieved 20 thousand yuan of above even, substantially privilege to been buy it is quite disappointed for the consumer of the car. If be not worn urgent need car, still can wait a moment again.