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Japanese big hair enters Chinese all corners of the country to will roll out D01
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Enter China 20 years, once missed the good opportunity that Chinese car market expands. Nowadays, greet hundred years old age, japan of leading sheep of world miniature car sends the opportunity that thinks to enter market of Chinese miniature car to already matured greatly, then with Changchun one steam cooperates, again battle China all corners of the country.

In June, the first car that big hair will roll out domestic suspension to send a sign greatly -- D01. On March 10, big hair make one's rounds is exhibited to Zhengzhou, high-key appear on the market to be built grandly for new car situation.

   ● carries 3 cars make one's rounds to exhibit Zhengzhou

On March 10 morning 10 when, zhengzhou 100 fill shopping square 1 building hall. Among the multitude that uses in assemble, revealing 3 suspension to send the beautiful car of the mark greatly, although do not have gorgeous car model foil, but a bit cannot conceal his beautiful beautiful. These 3 cars are small-sized SUV respectively " Be-go " , racing bike of small-sized open sail " Copen " and small-sized muti_function multiply with the car " D01 " , of be placed in the middle is will appear on the market in the round in home June " D01 " . This car once was exhibited in the Beijing car last year on, because its are fashionable cabinet exterior, luxurious interior trim, capacious interior space be confused by the car reputably.

As we have learned, d01 is Japanese industry company limited and Changchun one steam cooperates, what the first suspension of domestic that roll out sends a sign greatly is small-sized muti_function multiply with the car, cent discharges an amount twice for 1.3L and 1.5L, every platoon quantity is divided again mix 7 for 5 two, the plan is in this year domestic produce and sale 3000.

"Not be the sort of miniature biscuit that creaks creak rings continuously, it is MPV. " frontier of cliff of trustee of company limited of industry of Japanese big hair says not without humorous ground, "1% what short-term sales volume wants to reach domestic car total sales volume, long-term hope holds the market share of 3% in. " for the person that arrive late to this, the appetite of big hair indeed not small. According to statistic of association of Chinese auto industry, chinese car total sales was 7.21 million 2006.

To buying a car person for, the nothing is more... than that cares most whether buy cheap and fine " sit ride " . According to media coverage, the price of this car is in 50 thousand ~7 10 thousand yuan. To this, the not express an opinion side cliff, hope to keep the secret only to Shanghai car was exhibited on April 20, "Allow others to have the space of daydream. Come from character say, the competitor is An Benfei is spent, it is nimble is amounted to on the price " .

This make one's rounds is exhibited, small-sized SUV " Be-go " , racing bike of small-sized open sail " Copen " , more resemble the greenery on the side of safflower, big hair still does not have the plan that appears on the market in home temporarily, "Once the opportunity is mature, can enter China quickly to the market is produced and enlarge a sale " .
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