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Biyadi is new paragraph F3 both sides appeared on the market in April open to bo
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Recently, national hair changes appoint released the 137th batch of car to produce enterprise and catalogue item. Reporter discovery, the car has Biyadi 3 cars are included to approve list, among them QCJ7151A is the F3 both sides with the long already pass on a message on the market.

According to Biyadi relevant personnel matters reveals car interior, f3 both sides plans to appeared on the market in home this year in April formerly, but specific time has not decided finally. Personage of this know the inside story still expresses, f3 both sides is in main competitor lock surely triumphant jump over strong feeling of HRV, POLO, both sides to black horse amount to wait for a model, price is in probably 80 thousand reach 100 thousand yuan.

Reporter from now on before the intelligence agent that reveals on the net reflects an analysis, f3 both sides absorbed F3 in great quantities the appearance characteristic of 3 compartment, the rear holds the popular element that provides a variety of moving to feel concurrently, this and the main rival that its are about to compete triumphant the caudal model that jumps over HRV is very similar. And the wheelbase that the model configuration that manufacturer releases also shows F3 wing-rooms on either side of one storey house achieves 2600mm, with triumphant jump over HRV, both sides to black horse the wheelbase that amount to long; Although the automobile body width of 1705mm is less than triumphant the 1725mm that jumps over HRV, the 1695mm that Dan Biqi amounts to is shown slightly abundant.