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All fronts of masses of north and south depreciates or will cause car city privi
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Of any industry shuffle, it is by the industry cacique is caused. In March 2007, the people of north and south with Chinese market the oldest force in succession make sb the first aim of attack! On March 8, one steam is big in announce to start " break through 07 actions " , to be being divided enlighten beyond 4 brunt model fast vacate, Xin Baolai, nimble is amounted to, golf undertake the price is adjusted, its middling speed is vacated highest fall achieve 10% . Only after a week, on March 15, shanghai masses also announces to start " E plans " , undertake adjustment to the brunt model price such as Sangdana, POLO, fall from 2800 differ to 11000 yuan. Masses of the north and south a few years ago hits out together make depreciate tide affects whole vehicle city, cause loss of company of brand of partial second line. Masses of this north and south again together power fair car is, whether to cause at this point new round depreciate wet?

   Influence: 7 become heavy disaster area to 120 thousand yuan

Masses of north and south is playing the banner that whole department depreciates this, the force with which sth breaks out of it may be said is roaring. But anatomize can discover, depreciate this to be able to produce enough percussive to the market truly, it is nimble is amounted to only with Sangdana two cars just!

Depreciate this from one steam masses in light of, nimble is amounted to fall from 3000~9000 yuan differ, xin Baolai falls differ from 8000~12000, fast vacate differ from 11000~21000, golf differs from 4800~10000, the Xin Baolai HS of both sides falls the smallest, have 1000 yuan only.

Shanghai popular depreciates in, series of mulberry tower offer falls achieve 10000~11000 yuan, POLO general falls 2800 yuan, road installs general to fall 10000 yuan. In addition, pasate got drive to give out only short-term sales promotion: Arrive since this day on April 30, 1.8T maintains in GPS, convention the insurance allowance that 8000 yuan give on given base.

Anatomize discovers not hard, although respect of one steam public alleges, sales volume of market of one steam public grew 25% 2006, among them sales volume of masses brand market is climbed litre 22% , "The market lasts hot " . But in light of the product structure that from 2006 one steam masses sells 350 thousand times, among them Ao Di 80 thousand, nimble amounts to 170 thousand, include Xin Baolai, golf, fast vacate the model sales volume that waits inside to add up just 100 thousand, these good cars are very good without what sell. Only actually nimble amounts to its true brunt model and Ao Di!

And Shanghai popular 350 thousand sale is medium last year, series of mulberry tower offer breaks through 100 thousand with the in pairs that lead drive, become those who prop up its to sell " hum ha 2 will " . Get drive and POLO to although,was behaved last year also very grab an eye, but depreciate this strength is too small.

Can say, integrated market force and depreciate strength these two respects, this the biggest fall a nimble that is close to 10 thousand yuan amount to and Sang Dana series just says to go up to be able to produce impact to the market truly. Can foreknow, the 7 price interval to 120 thousand yuan will become the heavy disaster area with fluctuant price possibly!
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