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Depreciating is not car city panacea consumer to depreciating susceptibility is
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Enter in March, the market " depreciate " incessant Yu Er, the price becomes the topic with consumer most discussion. Among them, the most seductive is, one steam - the brand such as the masses, strange luck announces, manufacturer coachs valence is reduced directly, and fall not small, depreciate amount differs to on 10 thousand yuan from thousands of yuan.

After car price falls, does the market react how? Taking this issue, the reporter interviewed the car market of a few areas and consumer.

   Change of short-term sales volume is not big after agency depreciates

On March 13, the reporter visited one steam - the masses, strange luck, do not overcome (triumphant more) the inn of one part 4S that waits for a brand to be located in Beijing, the client in inn of wh some of which is not much.

In Beijing one steam - the masses inn of a concessionary distribute -- , the day amounts to a car to sell limited company, 7 clients in inn are medium at that time, having 4 will to the car undertake maintenance, only 3 see a car.

One steam - product of masses all fronts depreciates, and highest fall amount to 17 thousand yuan. But dealer shows, from eye antecedent condition looks, the sales volume after depreciating is compared with the photograph before depreciating, change is not big.

Mr Sun tells the sale adviser of this inn the reporter: "Walk along the fastigium buying a car with very good situation to be compared with the sales volume year ago, after depreciating, the sales volume of our inn does not have apparent promotion. " Mr Sun says, manufacturer is now " order pattern is produced " , but the order in his hand did not depreciate because of the car and increase.

Elite of strange luck QQ the price fell by 48800 yuan a few days ago 45800 yuan, to an economy car, fall bigger. Inn of 4S of car of a when the reporter will be located in Beijing to answer dragon to watch an area strange luck, mr Li tells the sale adviser of this inn the reporter: "Our car sells very well all the time, before depreciating, go sign is very good also, did not appear so the condition that the sales volume after depreciating adds suddenly. Did not appear so the condition that the sales volume after depreciating adds suddenly..

Reporter phone interviewed and other places of Harbin, Shanghai one steam - the masses, Shanghai is general the 4S inn that fastens the brand such as the gram, dealer all shows, after the car depreciates, sales volume amplitude is not apparent.

   Customer is current to depreciating susceptibility is finite

"Wait a moment again, still perhaps can fall. " after the information that gets depreciating, of Heilongjiang close a lady to still maintain very " sober " manner. She tells a reporter, she valued one steam - the masses fast vacate 2.0L hand from vogue of an organic whole car, present car price is compared with the photograph year ago, fell 3000 yuan. But depreciate and did not let her decide " move instantly, drive come home " , however sturdy she continues " hold money to wait for buy " determination.
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