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Will push the rank of nobility of lengthen edition name 7 departments, shanghai
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On March 18, wind of luck of car of river the Huaihe River is auspicious with lucky eagle two cars appear on the market formally. Regard Jiang Huai as the brunt product of the car, lucky wind had held position with car domain in business affairs, and lucky eagle is car of river the Huaihe River new trial.

How does car Inc. general manager enter the introduction according to Jiang Huai, lucky eagle is a 4 drive model that is based on car platform to have cross-country function, it is at present among the congener model of Chinese car market, price of lucky eagle sex often highlights than dispute. Anticipate to this year sales volume of lucky eagle, how take general manager and did not say a specific number, the sale strategy that he represents lucky eagle should draw lessons from the experience with lucky successful wind, build good impression in the user above all, the brand of the eagle that it is luck lays the foundation with good the next just is the job of current key.

Resemble Shengdafei's question quite on exterior to lucky eagle, how to express into general manager, "Lucky eagle is 100 percent homebred car, its modelling design and structural characteristic are Jiang Huai of own research and development " , won't put in the problem of intellectual property respect. Additional, after afterwards discharges the model of the quantity 2.4 litres, this year second half of the year still will roll out 2 two drive and the model of lucky eagle much money that provide automatic transmission in succession.

In the meantime, how to still divulge into general manager car of the Huaihe River of next year river will roll out the message of the engine of 2.0T pressure boost of own research and development, of this engine most high-power can amount to 125 kilowatt, the likelihood becomes lucky eagle the motivation of follow-up perhaps model is deployed.

Lucky eagle enters a signal of car domain as Jiang Huai, also caused each media to make progress to car of river the Huaihe River the curiosity of the circumstance, but how to leak more information into general manager, he says, about Jiang Huai the car should let everybody be exhibited in Shanghai car on " wait and see what happens " .