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New car is busy appear on the market medium or small the car depreciates first h
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New car

New car appears on the market earn sufficient eyeball

The closest period of time, many new car appears on the market earn sufficient the eyeball of consumer, on one hand, the growth that this means car sales volume is being carried fast, because be in high speed only of dilate period grow model the market, ability accommodates so much new model; On the other hand, show the newer cycle of the model shortens, the appetite of consumer is tall, the competitive intensity of car city also is in promotion.

New Pulima appeared on the market on March 9, lowermost price: One hundred and nine thousand eight hundred yuan. It locates in both sides cruel still car, interpose at the tradition between 3 side car and MPV, the comfortable sex that holds a car concurrently, flexibility and MPV space sex of big, function is strong wait for an advantage, compare MPV again however more economic section is oily, more more practical than traditional 3 side car. Will use feeling vogue, function oily be in harmony of section of practical, economy is an organic whole, consumer should be deal with concrete matters relating to work is gone after actively again, have deep love for and the person that knows the life.

And blessing beauty comes enchanted edition also appear on the market in same day, lowermost price is seventy-six thousand eight hundred yuan, to present market value the system will be big impact. This car fixed position is in happy and reliable car of the Chinese, the continuance that pays attention to character and model, classic external form and mature motivation, appearance of prominent the craft that build a car is united in wedlock.

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The exterior: Change those who be sea horse to hawks and falcons-brutal or fierce people besides will original Ma Zida LOGO outside the mark, new Pulima and blessing beauty come enchanted edition alter not quite, continued original classical design.

Interior trim: Altering bothly also is not very big. The exterior that comes because of Pulima and blessing beauty and interior trim design can weighs respective level inside classical, too big alter unwell instead.

Motivation: New Pulima used the 483Q motor of own research and development, discharge reach Europe Ⅲ level; And blessing beauty comes enchanted edition criterion uses classical 4G18 motor, motivation and oily bad news are win universal praise.

Safe: Two cars all use the 3H tall tigidity that is the same as the door with VOLVO to bear the weight of type automobile body, give a passenger the biggest safe safeguard. In the meantime, automobile body is had comparative to turn round stiffness and damping ability high; Blow energy of Ma Zida's particular advanced automobile body allocates and absorb a system, in forehead collision, hind collision and prejudicial collision, can draw blow energy effectively; Suck can steering wheel and can break through the turns to column adoption that shrink, utmost ground assured the safety of the member that the car when collision mies wife. Can say, new Pulima and blessing beauty come enchanted edition is successive all advantages of former model.
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