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Buy a car to prevent flicker novice to buy new car note
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The generation in buying car process to decrease does not have necessary trouble, also can drive happily for everybody your start off love a car, we prepared to buy the note when new car below for everybody designedly!

   The fellow student that prepares to buy new car reads the following note seriously please:

One, neat bill of the belt before check car, leave factory card, insurance policy, guarantee odd, manual.

2, check the quantity that discharge steam, leave factory date of days, frame, engine order.

3, surround car a week, examine paint color, whole vehicle color carefully to whether agree. Automobile body surface has without nick, drop lacquer, craze, bubbly or rustily. Feel with the hand have without repair a trace, be not obscured by dirty content or dirt incomplete hurts a trace, check a car with this examination.

4, examination car has without (electrolyte and fluid of cooling fluid, lubricating fluid, brake, refrigeration fluid) leak phenomenon. Microscope whether does each place have machine leakage oily phenomenon. Normally the likelihood leaks the carapace end the oil that oily place is engine, transmission and rear. Want to observe whether the crust of these components has the oil stains of leakage only, or the trace that observes whether the ground has dribble, can ascertain. The lid before opening checks storage battery, cistern whether leak, departmental cent takes a line reasonable, have without the disorder.

5, shock absorber of examination front-wheel drive carries protective sleeve (of yellow) whether to already remove. Check tire norms, spare wheel and other 4 tire norms is identical. Check looks up the connect of bolt of guard against theft, if do not deserve,cover change rapidly. Whether is the gas mouth cap that inspects 4 tire.

6, press with the hand press car around to control 4 part, beat after let go not 2 over, state strength of shock absorber function is good.

7, it is normal to examine all lights, glass of wind of archives of whether complete, around has window of door, car nondestructive injury.

8, open door, the seat inside examination car is complete, before seat, hind whether can adjust. Chair cover is neat, dermal seat is imperfect, the area is sealed and nice. Door handle leaves, close reliable, whether does door window sealing strip damage.

9, job of car pane clutch operation is regular. The examination rises to fall and be stabilized from motor-car window. Examination glass rises automatically when the half is controlled, with the hand the force that use a site falls by, glass will be automatic retractile function. Whether can the base develop when wanting for many times to try each car window to drop. Attention: Move with key hand when opening driver door, twist stop 2 seconds, whether can the car pane that sees complete car fall automatically or rise!
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