Drive skill: Drive a vehicle of high speed road 9 old law
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Today's highway construction is not already " one black " , however " the highroad connects Rome " , especially the development of freeway network, make the person that a lot of driving had " walk along a highway rather 3000, do not take path 800 " choice. The freeway runs delighted and cheesy, careful and careful lady and car drive when Lian Ping age not quite long " babyish " the person that drive people taste speed is enrolled on the freeway " leisurely " to 100 kilometers / hour above. However a few " Feng Jie suffers grind " , " have been through the vicissitudes of life " " old man " drive a group of things with common features people often taste however have another kind of choice: Wear market rather, do not go " shambles " () of high speed road. Because look in them, the speed in small market lane is slow, even if gives an accident also no more than is a few blow loiter smally, won't cause too great personnel harm, and once went up high speed road as was being entered " massacre food market " , kill machine 4 bend over, a bit not careful may the car destroys a person to die. Although enrol high speed road to say,be " shambles " quite some are egregious, dan Xizhuo is ground rise, this kind of view has stated reason however.

Actually, "Tell foregone the other, 100 battle do not danger " example guides origin oneself is long, want to understand the characteristic of drive a vehicle of high speed road seriously only, come according to oneself practical capacity next drive a vehicle, can reach destination safe and quickly through high speed road.

1, high speed grade is average relatively density of flourishing division car wants the city small much, crossing is little also at the same time, tortuous path is most relatively delay, speed limitation is accordingly taller. The person that a lot of driving sets foot on meeting naturally to mention speed not self-consciously his to accuse the upper limit of car ability in high speed, and give the circumstance outside currently holding the post ofHe Yi to be able to cause danger affection or accident right now. Be in so drive a vehicle of high speed road is the mainest is the sentiment that has dominated his, maintain safe speed, can exceed the speed that place of card of speed limit mark restricts anything but. The capacity accusing a car that also cannot exceed oneself of course goes going after the limitative speed on speed limit card. Had better let speed accuse the 8O% of car ability under oneself.

2, speed of high speed road is high, it seems that each appears swift and violent firm intense, but ten million wants to remember well, the principle of up train of high speed road should be: Again tender, tender, tender. High speed drive a vehicle most those who abstain from is a movement curt, the steering wheel when changing direction is hit so that pass to may make rear wheel is lost quickly mostly too catch soil fertility and bring about to lose control of one's vehicle. Appear when ahead especially when the accident, more cannot hurry-scurry ground strikes direction, and should be in decelerate while turn free from worrily as far as possible direction, ground of smooth-going allowing a car avoids danger situation.
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