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Since April 1, reform of new driver's license exam begins to be carried out formally, undertake readjust to exam course, difficulty relatively increase before. To taking an examination of the fluctuant, drives school policy change of compasses and exam newly difficult easy, the reporter made relevant investigation recently.

Draw school demand nightly exercise

After new regulation comes on stage, the new problem library that traffic regulation takes an exam shares 1500 examination paper, increased the problem amount of 50% than before. Compressed mechanical common sense to inscribe a quantity, increased " safety drives integrated knowledge " content. Inscribe a quantity to increase not only, and the choice is inscribed also by original 3 anthology turn into 4 anthology one, choice difficulty also will increase.

"Effective way drives skill takes an exam " it is this second new addition item, be decided to be course 3 exams. Content includes preparation getting on a car, start, linear travel, change lane and line, jockey through crossing, keep to the side wait for 6 to study a project surely. In addition, still will random draw-out the student of 20% is added one's deceased father nightly drive project. The part is driven school had made answer measure. Oriental vogue drives school requirement student to be when exercise agreement a car, want to restrict the nightly practice of 4 hours at least.

New tuitional standard is waited for calm

"The adjustment that satisfy the need takes an examination of was not to increase to train a project actually, just alternated form of a kind of exam, so the class hour tuition of our school won't have change. " Oriental vogue drives school President Yan to tell a reporter clearly, after April 1, should drive school tuition to still carry 3300 yuan of current rate, won't rise in price, time groom class or 58 class hour, include effective way to groom among them time.

The reporter waited from Haidian, north recently drive school understanding to arrive, they are aimed at class hour at present, collect fees the plan that whether changes has not come on stage, but it is reported, the branch that make a valve has informed the part drives those who proofread student to drive to groom time must be more than 58 hours.

Hand in compasses reply with new politics not agree with

"Because exam system was not updated in time, so I must be chosen when making compasses examination ' wrong option ' " . A student that just visited from examination room is mirrorred according to the facts. Road transportation safety violated the cent value of behavior billiard-marker to have new adjustment, like exceed the time limit 3 months not the pay amerce, regulation that violates traffic control passes through not to listen to dissuade and use driver's license of other motor vehicle to drive forcibly motor vehicle does not write down 12 minutes 3 times this again, but did not adjust because of exam system, the option that writes down 12 minutes must be chosen to just give cent when answering question, bring needless trouble to unwitting examinee. This must accelerate the rate that exam system replaces about the branch with respect to the requirement, mix as far as possible new the policy that come on stage keeps consistent.
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