The scarcely after the car drinks water can start a car
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Judgement enters sprinkler

The judgement when travel: After heavy rain passes, car ford travel, total afraid car drinks water, sail when you after giving deep water division, can step on brake, increase accelerator, if rotate speed rises, can automatic eduction comes to the water that go in. If be in water with respect to flameout, right now ten million cannot enough restart. If start, influence will very big, can cause engine connecting rod to make a turn even twist off and piston are likely the problem such as puncture.

Dormant the judgement when: If your car is dormant, whether can drink water through checking an inhaler to judge a car. The inhaler is papery, if its are dry,perhaps have little tide, criterion the car did not drink water, if filter is wet, criterion the car drinks water. This is the simplest also be the method that judges a car the most effectively to whether drink water. After the car drinks water save oneself after car ford, the site that should select broad safety jockeys, examine engine ignition system to whether touch water, use dry cloth the wipe up of electric equipment component its be affected with damp be affected with damp, short-circuit in case or the breakdown such as open circuit.

After crossing water, want advertent brake and hand Buddhist templeput on the brakes, because pass leach hind, brake efficiency may abate.

Check each gear case to have without soggy, cistern radiator piece between have jam without drift, tire has nondestructive bad, there is anhydrous grass to twine below chassis etc, clear car in time clean.

Should start engine, after letting motor racing several minutes, reach normal temperature, the water above stoving engine and humidity. After affirming car technical condition is good, use low speed travel first a paragraph of distance, step on brake pedal gently a few times conciously, let brake hoof piece with brake hub osculatory attrition produces heat energy, mix with stoving evaporate the moisture that remains in brake, ensure brake performance is good.

Once car advocate the situation that encounters a car to drink water, had better undertake repairing to garage and professional after service station, must not pursue cheap undertake maintaining in roadside inn.


After ★ car drinks water, scarcely can start a car

The car that start can cause a lot of losses, insurance company of this kind of circumstance is average not compensate. Accordingly, if drink water, should be in contact with insurance company for a short while, contact 4S inn to undertake maintaining again next. Clear silt job belongs to the compensatory limits of insurance company, the charge of the trailer inside city also is assumed by insurance company commonly. If bought natural disaster a place difficult of access, the amount of manage compensate will be some higher.

★ railroad car wants to clean not only into water, disinfect even

Disinfect this working procedure often very easy by oversight of a lot of people. The sewage such as water of channel of touchdown of pluvial carry secretly, the bacterium is very much. Sit chair, seating had better rinse with bleaching powder, bibulous cotton must change, lest the bacterium multiplies, also can do a few ozone antiseptic.
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