Warn a driver: Want discretion with medicine
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Medicine can treat a disease, can send kill, common saying says " it is medicine 3 minutes poison " it is this truth. But in working at ordinary times, because friend of a lot of drivers works busy do not have time to go to a hospital seeing a doctor, sick the appearance that he buys medicine to eat or gossip uses medical ego health care is very general. A few days ago, the reporter interviewed Head Liu of total hospital of Beijing liberation army at this point. Director Liu tells a reporter, the body is uncomfortable still should see a doctor to the hospital, coach without spending a doctor, use drug by him imagination very insecure. The note when a few kinds of medicaments that Director Liu introduces are taken is below.
Medicaments of central nervous system: Owner of this kind of medicine wants cent to be centre analeptic and centre curb pharmacy two kinds, use meeting causes excess manic, convulsions, insensible, serious can cause death even, stop medicine suddenly for a long time to be able to cause bounce appearance with medical midway, aggravate insomnia or appear excessive restrain. The as a result of medicaments of central nervous system abuse in daily life or use undeserved and the harm that cause is not scarce, a lot of people are not very familiar to medicaments itself, think oneself are " prolonged illness makes the patient be a doctor " , contain very big blindness with medicine, even some is factitious restore health at an early date or be to pursue convenient, add up to dosage of a day in to use. The hospital ever had received a patient, she is to rely on sleeping pill to fall asleep at ordinary times, but increase as what take dose, everyday 78 had been used without giving thought to. One day, more than 20 sleeping pill were taken repeatedly under this patient stretch, buccal foam already was when waiting to be discovered to send a hospital by family the following day, mind is not clear, breath is embarrassed, present purple all over, via 7 many the main rescue of the hour just broke away from danger.
Heart and vessels kind medicaments: The remedy that cardiovascular system place uses especially strong heart glucoside and fight the drug with wrong rhythm of the heart, its safety range is very narrow, its effective chroma and toxic chroma are very adjacent, produce noxiousness reaction easily, these medicaments must issue application in the doctor's guidance, had better do hematic drug chroma to monitor at the same time, do not feel uncomfortable use casually with respect to the medicine that buy a place, cause severe heart noxiousness reaction extremely easily otherwise. A patient contracts disease of heart valve stricture, some newspaper ad took wait for information a kind " ancestral secret recipe " , appeared that evening anuria, subsequently a few days appeared one after another acuteness vomiting, bosom the phenomenon of frowsty, asthma, alleviate somewhat through hospital rescue symptom, but he thinks by accident however is " secret recipe " the effect that have, and believe what one hears swims the word of cure is added used lasting effect penicillin, result disease is aggravating, again kidney of liver of the patient when be in hospital has damaged, heart film is phlogistic intercurrent, cause death finally.
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