"Make an appointment campus photograph companion is restful " the activity lifts
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September 7 is concentration of safety of countrywide road transportation punish publicizes day the 2nd times, just meet whole town each are big middle and primary school terms begins, begin safety of transportation of 70 days of road to center repair work to ask to answer the Ministry of Public Security actively, lift traffic safety to publicize new climax again, the our city is begun centrally at be in whole town school on September 7 morning with " make an appointment campus, photograph companion is restful " the traffic safety that gives priority to a problem enters campus propaganda.
This second activity chose in each area county 1 - 2 transportation safety publicizes the job to characteristic and representative school regard a center as the place, raise select of a large body of by each traffic nearly 1000 policemans enter school yard student of tuitional and safe course, organization is begun centrally " little hand plays old hand, I and domestic person in all answering question " reach middle and primary school to give birth to traffic safety to draw creation work shows an activity. Each school combines respective advantage, begin team of class of painterly, literary show, speech, theme to be able to wait for an activity.
The elementary school in Haidian Ou Zhichun enters the central school of campus theme propaganda as whole town, organize the small policeman rank that 50 students join, children wear small police uniform, in policeman uncle guide below, serious ground undertakes new-style traffic directs gesticulation to hold alignment to perform. This school student is born on behalf of whole town middle and primary school give out " abide by chapter is abide by the law, make from me " initiate appearance is in " make an appointment campus, photograph companion is restful " sign on banner of large conduct propaganda. In addition, in Beijing incomplete abstruse meeting times one year during, the propagandist policeman of Haidian detachment walks into Beijing the 3rd deaf-mute school, with sign language to deaf-mute student tax of tuitional transportation safety.
The Ministry of Public Security, city teachs appoint wait for sectional leader to attend the propaganda that holds in this school, view take a fancy to team of pupil strains of music accompanied by drumbeats, small policeman to sign together with pupil leave a message. According to statistic, whole that day town shares the activity more than 2000 school begins propaganda, create propagandist center place 26 place, extend all sorts of conduct propaganda publicize material more than 800 thousand.

Student transportation safety teachs circumstance setting introduction
In recent years, safety of transportation of our city student teachs the job to be below the wide attention of all circles of leaders of all levels, teaching staff, society, formed protect quality of civilization of ability, traffic in order to raise traffic safety consciousness, ego to be a tenet, with popularizing traffic safety common sense, law, code knowledge gives priority to a line, in order to begin " band of road of small yellow cap is made " , " little hand plays old hand, I and domestic person in all answering question " , the educational mode of the rich and colorful that organizes student traffic society to carry out an activity to be a form, realized student transportation safety to teach stage by stage by seize a form to stress the result, by generalization education teachs to systematization " two change " .
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