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It is before long before on exposition of Shanghai international passenger car, the newest product that Fu Tianou V rolls out -- BJ6126 is luxurious passenger car, appear to be paid close attention to by numerous domestic and international client and intermediary height, advisory information is consecutive, order for goods of China and foreign countries as agreed upon and to. Some company is in Syria guest rich falls in love at first sight to BJ6126" on the meeting " , at present car of first order for goods is matching in product line jacket. At the beginning of August, luxurious passenger car meets the BJ6126 that exports Syria set sail from Shanghai haven. Additional, the client of and other places of Guangdong, Sichuan, Shandong, Shanxi, Liaoning, Xinjiang also goes to company of car of Fu Tianou V to visit check early or late, up to distribute news dispatches, the order for goods of domestic BJ6126 already amounted to more than 100.

Exposition of this second passenger car attracted international home high end market of costly travel passenger transport looks around before delegate of numerous strength business purchase, most and senior personage thinks consistently, the model with Fu Tianou distinctive and original V BJ6126 and exalted atmospheric feel character, make them impressive. Curved surface of front wall of this luxurious passenger car is full and fruity, administrative levels clarity; Side wall line is tough and fluent, forceful and elegant; Back wall shows cycle racing element, halfback is bold and unrestrained, truckload and gentle in lighten out the ability of the temperament of a kind of Wang Zhe and force, perfect deduce a nobility, force and career move.

It is reported, fu Tianou VBJ6126 detects smoothly already through each index, august, BJ6126 series new car will appear on the market in the round in the whole nation. Be worth what carry is, this corporation is special for this series new car the design that measure a body gives tens of moneys the automobile body design of different style: Type of Europe type, Chinese style, concept uses up amid, satisfy the requirement of different client group. Additional, company of car of Fu Tianou V still will be in during new car appears on the market, the make one's rounds that heads with BJ6126 is begun to exhibit an activity in countrywide limits, at the appointed time, the client of the ground of model car by way of and all circles friendly average per capita can reveal area to view and admire in theirs, try, try drive BJ6126 model car.

Industry is senior the expert thinks, fu Tianou V BJ6126 is luxurious the passenger car just comes out resonant not common, the market insight that mirrors an acumen of Fu Tianou V already and actual strength of abundant research and development, also mix with the " of " diamond character of withstand test at the same time brand-new exalted and luxurious temperament, the passenger car that proved Fu Tianou V is powerful produces actual strength and solid technical inside information.
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