Even numbers car went on August 20 row
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August 20 is the last day that safeguard of traffic of environment of contest of lucky Beijing comprehensive test tests, end date is 2, 4, 6, 8, 0, even numbers (" two " motor vehicle of type name brand manages by even numbers) car is OK start off travel. Additional, will encountering height of week early in the morning tomorrow, road car discharge can rise apparently, car goes the attention when travel to maintain speed and safe car to be apart from, abide by traffic law laws and regulations, ensure safety drives.
Came recently, in order of traffic of whole town whole, broad citizen answers the call of municipal government actively, abandon actively driving a travel, and change the public traffic tool such as public transportation, subway, for lucky Beijing comprehensive test surpasses environmental traffic to ensured the success that checks the work to make contribution. Here, 6000 policemans thank my bureau cordially the support of capital citizen and understanding, tomorrow 6000 policemans will continue complete a start off, safeguard checks working success, ensure common people gives the security of travel smooth. Cordial clew is broad driver friend: Strict according to " during Beijing people government checks contest environment traffic integratedly to ensure a test about lucky Beijing, adopt temporarily the announce of traffic administration measure " a travel time of content standard car and limits, special attention tomorrow is time of travel of start off of even numbers car, ask reasonable arrangement to go out row, cooperate the policeman's direct actively on the road, encounter make tubal step temporarily, obedient policeman dredge chooses circuitous route ahead of schedule.