Drive eat a thing to endanger person security
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The illicit home car of the capital is increasing, many person mornings drive in a hurry go going to work, breakfast was solved on board, this of course can managing not little time, can be you know, the edge driving to have a thing by the side of is breakneck.
Hidden trouble of edge have dinner drives by the side of too much, above all it is right of people healthy very adverse. Will tell commonly, when the edge driving to have a thing by the side of people very hurried, often voracious, special go against digest. Next, besides harmful to the person's health beyond, still have safe hidden trouble. Concerned personage points out, the edge driving to have a thing by the side of is very harmful to safety of drive a vehicle, because the driver drives not absorption, often cause traffic accident easily. From this angle for, drive if be to save time merely,having a thing is to the loss outweights the gain really.
Commission of American state safety considers to point out, in the event hitting a car that American whole nation produces, having 26 % about is to ascribe to the driver is abstracted when drive, among them a circumstance is they are having a thing, this kind of behavior is the person security that endangers a driver really.
American insurance organization ever checked why to be planted food is brought the most easily cause driver happening accident, the result concludes: Those can the drippy, risk that spills over to be formed with the food of besmirch dress is the biggest, because of this kind of food eating when this driver must avoid to drive. Of course, some drivers do not have an accident to drive, flat avoided breakfast, this also is very dangerous, because hollow drive to bring about hypoglycemia very easily, lower response rate, cause traffic accident, about personage proposal: Driver of illicit home car must note dietary problem, must take food before dispatch a vehicle, not only want satiate, had eaten even, go driving with full spirit, both neither can the edge drives the edge has a thing, also cannot hollow drive.