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Since November 6, peony traffic blocks replacement to upgrade, if your hand is medium,the communication of old edition peony that hold can use normally gets stuck, industrial and commercial bank will be offerred for you upgrade freely the service that exchange card. The peony traffic card after upgrading captures implementation electron bank the business of amerce, discharged a driver to go to a bank the latency time that pay fines.
Electronic bank discharges the suffering that the driver awaits
At present traffic violates amerce capture means to have go to a bank the ATM machine of bar pay and bank site two kinds of means. The personnel because of business is being conducted in labour travel savings bank is more, masses often needs to await for long, to promote Beijing the technical content of traffic administration, to broad drive the person is offerred more civilian measure, after peony traffic card upgrades, realized electronic bank to capture the business of amerce above all, capture amerce through the bank on phone bank and net namely.
The traffic that electronic bank can capture violates amerce to include: It is to record the illegal act on traffic card; 2 it is Beijing drives person (hold Beijing driver's license) opened paper punishs sheet (800 sheet) . The 3 blame spots that are car of pair of this city license plate violate act (applicable and simple and easy program handles) , party is consentient, can electronic bank processing, and pay amerce.
The investment of electronic bank is used, changed a driver to execute the law first the station accepts processing, go to a bank again the blame spot that pay fines violates processing pattern.
The peony traffic card after upgrading covered old edition traffic to block overall public security traffic to govern a function, additional, traffic of new edition peony blocks card period of efficacy to be 10 years, can choose 0 yuan or 600 yuan overdraw the forehead is spent, avoid accept card year cost.
Electronic bank uses flow and notice
After peony traffic card upgrades, the driver needs to carry peony traffic card to be versed in an each site bar, those who apply for the bank on the net or phone bank is enlightened, sign enlightened agreement with the bank. The driver that opens phone bank subsequently can be dialed " 95588 " , speech hints your pay " spot illegal behavior fines " or " blame spot illegal behavior fines " ; The website that opens the driver of the bank on the net to be able to land industrial and commercial bank ( or the bureau that make a valve stands to outer net ( , there all is the window of clew on the homepage of two websites, click the basis after entering clew undertakes " the pay of spot illegal behavior " or " the pay that is not the spot to violate act " .
Hint here at 4 o'clock notice:
1, be in electronic bank (the bank on the net and phone bank) when the blame spot of processing violates act, wait for processing to violate behavior billiard-marker more than 12 minutes (contain) , the system will hint the driver cannot be dealt with, need to go traffic group executes the law the station is dealt with.
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