Strength of the brand was drawn Mayan pattern of Maya Driving Driving headquarte
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June 28, Maya Driving China headquarters set up a press conference in Radisson Hotel, was held in Lanzhou. Chen Ting Chuang, founder of the Maya house, Maya Lee Kum vice president of housing the headquarters of China Chapter, vice president of Mayan houses the headquarters of China Li Yun, General Manager of the Maya Director of Housing, writes the British headquarters in Shaanxi, Li Lin, general manager of China headquarters Maya Driving range, the Road Traffic Management Committee of Gansu Province and Chairman Wang, Hua Gansu Legal Daily editorial, Lanzhou, China Merchants Bank Branch General Manager Liu Xia card, Maya house legal counsel Bin Gansu headquarters to attend the event. Driving Mayan Lan Cheng Li of China, based in Maya Maya Driving under the headquarters of China Investment Holding Group, is the second house, after Maya's second largest franchise joined the cause of physical, Lanzhou, China headquarters will be the driving school as a demonstration base for the Maya, Maya learn Housing Successful franchise management experience to rely on the Maya brand to brand China as a driving school vision, creating the first domestic franchise mode Driving Group. Chinese official says the headquarters, Maya Driving (China) will Lanzhou, Xi'an, Yinchuan triangular strategic planning for the initial development to housing development roadmap Maya path, and gradually advance to the nation. Li Lin, general manager of China headquarters Maya Driving process that Maya driving school students win the favor of reason, the biggest is that the basic concept of the different training. He believes that education is both a driving school business, but also a Service enterprises, both the student and student customers, so service and responsibility to adhere to both the brand and business together. He told reporters: "Driving While also a service window, but first should be the schools, skills training School. So I always thought that the driver training school in an increasingly competitive today, we should promote human services, but the service can not be a mere formality, so that students really learn to drive, so that students get the license on time This is the greatest service, but also the fundamental driving school services. To be affable coach, the students installed in the heart, but at the same time be strict training, where students from the beginning to develop safe, civilized, good driving habits. " Maya driving school will be allowed to enter the national chain to open first step in Xian Mai Driving in the Mayan the day of the formal establishment of the headquarters of China, Xi'an Maya Driving franchisee signed a contract which marks the Mayan Driving (China) road to the national franchise chain has taken a gratifying first step. It is understood that the Maya Driving Miss Li Yun Xian franchisee Maya driving school before joining the two made a special trip to come visit and learn about the Maya, Lanzhou and other driving school, driving school final lock Maya. According to Miss Li Yun said they plan to One to two years with Maya Driving time to the first brand of Xian, and let Xi be the first to join the Mayan Driving Driving demonstration base. To be set up headquarters near Xi'an, the brand has been out of the Mayan Driving Gansu, phase Believe that more students will enjoy the Mayan professional driver training driving school services. Driving up and down the Mayan powerful combination of hard work services China headquarters was set in the Mayan Driving While Driving and China Merchants Bank Maya intention to reach a strategic alliance, in the Mayan driving school students can apply for installments to learn to drive. It is understood that began June 19, all Maya Driving all participants as long as China Merchants Bank credit card holders can apply for installments to learn to drive and enjoy the benefits of zero interest service; while all the Maya driving school students, by Maya driving school as an intermediary party, can join the China Merchants Bank "car purchase Easy, "the exclusive car hire service. Maya Che club signing ceremony of the Tripartite Alliance are on the same day. This marks the first for driving school students across the province, most of the drivers and car sales service providers, multi-purpose riders club was born. It is understood that Maya Maya Driving Driving bikers club will be in Lanzhou, Gansu legal newspaper, the Road Traffic Safety Association of Gansu tripartite joint operations.