Driving into the Pearl River Road Driving Range
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Meijiang wide area because of the road, driving school students to place as many of the training yard, and this has caused some potential security risks. Caramel Wang said the owners, most recently, a number of driving school students in the vicinity Lianju. "Every day I was passing from the side of this bridge, in this small slope, almost every day in this car driving school In practice. Not only is the Caramel area, commercial plaza in the vicinity of Lake Tianjin R & F, some people are 'playing hanging'. "Place of the road opposite the Pearl River Road, the newly built extension. Nearby residents said that the road temporarily fashion Not opened, cars and pedestrians than the less, so it became a driving school of choice. "Driving can often see the teacher, gracefully several bars, where students practice down shots." XEDA Liu traffic police captain told reporters that the location is not allowed to practice driving school sites, can easily lead to accidents. Reflect the view of those residents, he will immediately arrange officers to the scene of nuclear Fact, taking pictures of evidence, according to the law for processing. In future, arrangements will be patrolling this section of the police.