Registration payment by appointment Driving Driving users to pass tax question
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Water tank: Driving now no better regulate it? Evening talk about it: how not to regulate? Tank: I'm going to test driver's license, the reputation of the Internet to find a decent driving school, contact the Web site registration available on phone, in person the next day driving instructors have come to take us to see the training venue, very busy with enthusiasm before the busy post, how to say it really was a bit flattered ... ... Evening talk about it: it should be market competitive. Tank: This is one reason, but then I know, there is still tricky for. Evening talk about it: What is tricky? Water tank: After reading what the training ground, home of the master let us signed the contract, registration fee is directly vested in his hands. I think that do not fly, they only signed the contract did not pay, that money was handed their driving school finance, opened the formal invoice is better. That may seem a bit unhappy master, submitted to the Finance also said, but to pay more 200, and the driving school's financial office from time to time, to make an appointment ... ... Eight hundred: ... ... now driving school are like this, which is equivalent to contracting out the layers of training qualifications, after the door is probably the master of your coach, do not offend. Water tank: ah, this I later asked a lot of friends, but also says, but this fee is not Driving suspected tax evasion have it? The taxes are passed on to the students head, we can only "install dumb", there is no way to pipe?