Kunshan proposed addition of two new in town driving school
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To effectively address the current driver training Kunshan contradiction between supply and demand in the market to facilitate students to learn to drive nearby, according to Suzhou Yunguan Chu, "coach car on the expansion of 2010-2011 to do the work of the notice" requirement, Kunshan City, Yun Guanchu in the recently developed "Kunshan City Driving expansion plan ", identified in the original five driving school based on the principles of rational distribution of the proposed addition of two new in town driving school. In addition, the new driving school will Kunshan City Transportation Administrative Service Center on the second floor window, set the entry point, registration time for next year on February 1 ~ February 28. Currently, there are many enterprises and units to come to consult. It is reported that the aim of achieving the expansion Driving brand strategy, giving priority to developing quality credit excellent driving school, driving school must be implemented so new management company. According to regulations, consistent with pre-conditions, to obtain new driving school candidates qualified applicants be subject to public bidding for the right to operate after school, coaches have the right to participate in the bidding vehicle running, coach cars for the right to operate. In addition, the coach cars operating rights for the life of the system, the operating period of 5 years after the expiration of driving school vehicles will Kunshan City Transportation Bureau, the Transport Management Department based on market demand for recovered vehicle driver training and assessment based on quality and integrity of the situation Driving re-configuration.