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League matches of first class of homebred car city opens big fight of bureau new
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Annual car city's most wonderful one act, lift red lid head when a new car namely that momently. Proper acute annals, drive circle in the air, new horse 6, Xin Yage, get drive to still be in be increase price or be intoxicated without the car when, another new car appears on the market storm rises by spout of iron of east wind snow last week. In issueing the first as banner of dragon of iron of east wind snow high-grade car, triumphal arrival, high-grade car new car is old in meaning battle again at swords' points.

Well-known, high-grade car is the main source of profit of homebred car manufacturer in. In before annual sales volume is ranked 15 homebred manufacturer, 11 brunt model is medium high-grade car. This is just about below the macroclimate with enthusiastic cry of the small car that discharge an amount, homebred manufacturer still is very happy with it, expend gigantic endowment the dynamical place that rolls out new car. Come from each up to date information of big manufacturer to show, in east wind snow Tie Longkai comes back after appearing on the market, homebred manufacturer still has the new car that roll out popular of Shanghai's general Jun Yue, one steam fast vacate, the new Mengdiou of Ford of the Kaimeirui of Guangzhou Feng Tian, Chang'an, add the acute annals that appeared on the market last year, drive circle in the air, new horse 6, Xin Yage, get drive, new Ao Di, so much new car, can collect becomes city of one desk car " Man Hanquan banquet " .

With analogy of first class league matches the rich of high-grade car a large number of heroes in this year weichis, had not been. If say last year the market of this interval still is elegant Ge Yizhi alone beautiful word, high-grade car market is no longer in this year " of a person wonderful " , the sale champion of every month is the likelihood between each afore-mentioned models take turns arises.

According to association of Chinese auto industry newest all computation is occupied, the sale champion of high-grade car in this year January gets drive to carry off especially by Sa of Shanghai masses handkerchief, got drive to sell 9335 January, 9004 when exceed Xin Yage with small dominant position, successive the elegant cabinet that 20 months reside champion throne firmly bends Ju Yajun eventually. Analysis of industry public figure says, do not give accident word, champion of high-grade car sale will still be in in Feburary get arise between drive and elegant cabinet, but jump over as triumphal, gentleman, fast vacate, Kaimeirui enters town in succession, the champion throne after March sits by who will be full of variable.

The player of league matches of this round of first class, can divide for two large a group of people of same interest. It is the group of Che Jun changing a money that heads with Xin Yage at the same time, the member has get drive, Jun Yue, new horse 6, new Mengdiou, across is the archetypal car army group that heads with Kaimeirui, the member has triumphal, fast vacate, acute annals. Former dominant position depends on brand beauty praise spend and market share, latter dominant position depends on the consequence of new model. No matter be which one party, if the price locates sale of proper, market is capable, be in likely this year in ear of ox of in control of of high-grade car market. You attack both sides I am defended, will be in this year car city performance good fun of a field, make buy car a group of things with common features to be in thereby of so much new car before lose judgement and be immersed in new round hold money to wait for buy in.
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