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"Be restricted small " firm ice begins to shake each city to quicken pace of lif
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Chang'an car is manufacturer of production of car of domestic the biggest miniature, "Be restricted small " measure brought serious effect to the sale of Chang'an car. A few days ago the reporter asks Chang'an car president Yin Jiaxu, have hope to the limitation that each district cancelled to be measured to small before the bottom in March. Answer of Home Yin mental or emotional state has hope, he says to at present already a few cities came on stage to cancel " be restricted small " measure, but as a result of a lot of cities " be restricted small " local National People's Congress adopts measure, need National People's Congress attends a meeting cancel, have a process even.

Shanghai of Chinese the biggest city ever set, platoon quantity reachs the following car, platoon to measure 1.3 litres to reach the following minibus to prohibit going up to be worn high in 1.2 litres. On Feburary 15, establish what wear a road high to circle in Shanghai tens of piece banned a mark to had been removed. Shanghai government expresses, shanghai general measured a car to energy-saving environmental protection small platoon this year in March comprehensive lift a ban; In the meantime, shanghai will execute more strict car to arrange limitative policy, make further restriction to the car that discharges tall pollution, high.

Execute " be restricted corrupt do not be restricted small "

Beijing government expresses, beijing will unlock the restriction that uses to small quantity car according to national regulation, but measure a car to small whether on the problem of Chang'an Street still needs Beijing and central concerned branch is discussed jointly.

Save in the Guangdong that just ends " two meetings " on, delegate of National People's Congress and committee member of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference ask local government adjusts limitation is small policy that measures a car in succession. They point out, in world each country, the small car that discharge an amount is not restricted not only, advocate energetically for the government instead. The policy discrimination that our country stops to measure a car to small is hasten of general trends place. At present quality of the small car that discharge an amount has promoted considerably, fuel economy, security progresses apparent. Car of limitation is small quantity increases a citizen to buy a car to use car cost, those who build didymous resource is excessive use up.

This year in January, the country develops and the six branches such as reform committee allotted jointly " develop about encouraging energy-saving model opinion of the small car that discharge an amount " , the requirement cancels everything to measure a car to wait for the limitation of the respect in travel circuitry and cab operation in the light of energy-saving environmental protection small platoon, and at was being finished before the bottom this year in March.

At present home had formulate of 80 many cities " be restricted small " measure, express clearly to will cancel to be restricted at present although the city of small step is not much, but it is after all good germinant. Had carried out nearly 10 years " be restricted small " policy, of centrally government drive the pressure with public opinion to fall, beginning to become loose.
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