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Oil price goes up again billows of city of car of capital of lift a ban of the s
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Vehicle of the entrance is big capacity no longer hot, small platoon measures an oily car to accept favour. Come to Beijing Ya Yun Cun the car trades Mr Yang Lei that the market looks car, preparation to buy a small platoon to measure a vehicle, the likelihood represented most small platoon to measure car consumer to buy the train of thought of the car at present. Mr Yang tells a reporter, oil price rises ceaselessly, and the small car that discharge an amount was unlocked, chang'an Street can pass through, to him of labour firewood estate, plan long already the dream that purchases a small car that discharge an amount wants to come true eventually, oneself feel now should be the equal opportunity that buys a car.

Really, a few short days, oil price rises again, a few places such as Beijing remove to 1 litres the following the limitation of the small car that discharge an amount, add began to implement the new consumption tax after adjusting on April 1, problem of heat of bound of a few cart caused wide attention of the society, especially the trend that oil price rises ceaselessly, certainly will produces a few effects to car city.

The reporter went Beijing Ya Yun Cun a few days ago the car trades the market and city of car of Europe heart treasure, rise to oil price, the reaction of city of the car after lift a ban of the small car that discharge an amount made investigation. The reporter discovers from inside investigation, the trend that rises as a result of oil price is well-known, so most consumer rises to already minded to oil price not strange, together with is small measure car lift a ban, so the small car that discharge an amount is drawing the attention of more consumer; Brand of a few homebred SUV is encountering sale cold reception; As a result of new consumption tax execute, a few models appeared to go up dropping circumstance, come on stage at the same time almost as a result of a few old policy at the same time, created car city a lot of not obvious factors, high-grade the hot sale state before big platoon measures a car to be carried out in policy of new consumption tax is nonexistent already, hold money to wait for the person that buy to increase.

   Car city response is insipid

Since March 26, oily retail prices of Beijing finished product also made adjust: 90, every rising tone controls date and 93 date, 97 98 steam oil price 0.4 yuan high, among them, 93 benzine with commonly used people, 4.26 yuan from before / rise, tone goes to 4.65 yuan on / litre; 97 oil 4.54 yuan from before / rise tone to go to 4.96 yuan / litre, went up 0.42 yuan. In addition, every rise derv price to move 0.3 yuan or so.

From inside car city investigation the reporter feels, the attune on this oil price is affected to car city lesser, car city does not have the circumstance of occurrence take a sudden turn and become worse rapidly, still continued before posture, rise to oil price besides a few customer that buy the small car that discharge an amount very sensitive outside, most consumer rises to this oil price response is cool, especially in high-grade car city, rise and did not appear because of oil price the client is decreased suddenly.
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