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Contemporary car encounters Zheng Mengjiu of bribery scandal chairman accepts ch
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The car manufacturer with the biggest Korea -- , " contemporary automobile group " chairman Zheng Mengjiu on April 24 by subpoena of hall of Korea highest procuratorial work, accept ask for an explanation. Procuratorial work body says, contemporary automobile group is suspected of using millions dollar to be mixed to business circles political circles bribery.

   Father and son is suspected of acceding illegally

Regard a group as top leader, zheng Mengjiu is the focus of this bribery incident.

Korea procuratrial organ says, contemporary car is suspected of from on 90 time evening begins the century to have fund of brushstroke secret bribery. In addition, zheng Mengjiu and its child Zheng Yixuan still is suspected of illegal successive right of administration. Zheng Yixuan is contemporary group subordinate " case inferior car production company " president, 20 days also accepted check square inquiry.

That day, zheng Mengjiu is in of more than 10 contemporary employees accompany next arrival hall of highest procuratorial work. Ask about when Korea media " whether to admit to raise money the suspicion of private fund " when, zheng Mengjiu did not make an any replies.

Check just says, after subpoena Zheng dream is long, the investigation that concerns enterprise corruption incident in the light of contemporary automobile group will end. Father and son of announce of Zheng Mengjiu, Zheng justice and other the contemporary high level that be suspected of will be in possibly by April at the beginning of May by formal accusation, be suspected of accusation be behavior of corruption of etc of capital of dodge a tax, illegal divert, bribery.

   If base of guilty likelihood moon is arrested

Korea media coverage says, if Zheng Mengjiu honesty admits guilty suspicion, procuratorial work mechanism will apply for the earliest to arrest at 25 days or so your. But, zheng Mengjiu denied afore-mentioned is suspected of already publicly accusation.

Last week, modern corporation issued a public apology letter, father and son of the Zheng Mengjiu in the letter is affirmatory, will private the subscription of free of Glovis company stock that has some value to restrain 1 billion dollar gives a society. Glovis company is the affiliated company of contemporary group, be this company is suspected of collect secret bribery fund, the person that still have criticism says, glovis company also is Zheng Mengjiu father and son the tool of illegal successive right of administration.