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Storm of high oil price sweeps across global foreign market how to answer oil pr
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British oil price is close to 13 yuan of / to rise, 5.17 yuan of / raise American oil price minimum

In recent years, global each district is sufferring the worry of storm of high oil price, include the respect such as manufacturing industry of daily carrying trade, automobile to all be restricted by huge. Our country hair changes appoint this month 24 days allege steam, derv and aviation kerosene price rise 500 yuan oil price every tons to rise message, was to become near future country more most the heat topic that gets attention. In global market, does oil price rise after all level of a what? "Oil price tall look forward to " this be related is solid, bring to global automobile industry after all how old influence? Hereby, our collect a series of providing the data such as oil price of representative global each country, make a contrast and reference in order to lay the worker that the reader pursues relevant trade partly especially.

   British market

  Impose fuel tax, strengthen energy-saving consciousness

In oil price tall look forward to today, be the first to be affected of English it may be said, get the biggest impact. The oil price that although American place personage is his,3 dollars control every gallon and pained, but this price to including England inside European for, it is however unusual cheap. And according to " Washington daily " last week the 4 prices that announce show, british crude price has risen to bucket of 70.05 dollars / . And personage of side of society of British highway transportation also says, average price had broken through the benzine of 11 countries of European every gallon the toll-gate of 6 dollars, had achieved every gallon at present 6.5 dollars (add up to a RMB about 13 yuan of / rise or so) , marching toward every gallon stage by stage the level of 7 dollars. With an England that has two cars average household is exemple, with current oil price level, when the family is used every months at the charge that cheer to compare the beginning of the year, want floriferous 33.2 U.S. dollors (add up to a RMB about 266 yuan of) .

In fact, a lot of Europe countries impose tax of gasoline of high specified number, place serves as with this add one of consumption of finance income, control, shifts that reduce pollution. Among them, oil price level of England is in the European Union is highest in each member country, this basically ascribes to British government is as high as 75%-80% to levy of steam, derv. Series duty reflect directly go up in gas station oil price, made its become one of areas with top oil price of nowadays whole world thereby. In the meantime, as a result of oil price climb ceaselessly litre, bring the price that sends a lot of trades that rely on fuel to climb at the same time litre, accordingly a lot of England customers must reduce expenditure from each respect, partial consumer reduces the number that he drives as far as possible even, change use public traffic to establishment.
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