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Buy car guide- - 9 easy ways help you defend oneself car sex price compares on a
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The ratio of the integrated index such as the function that alleged sex price is compared is car, configuration, appearance and car price. Namely: Sexual price configures price of + appearance + than = function + .

The sexual price of car is compared tall, the integrated target such as the function that is car, configuration, appearance is good, and price moderate, perhaps say relatively a few lower. Say a few more specificly, sexual price compares a problem is different brand actually, but compare integratedly between the car that price comparatives reach an analysis.

One, comparing engine is much valve structure. Photograph of a few cars is compared, have engine is much valve structure among them, you want first consideration. Because say commonly, the engine of much valve configuration belongs to new-style engine. And the vintage engine that the engine of two valve belongs to a tradition. In performance side it is two class completely.

2, those who compare tail gas discharge a standard. Photograph of a few cars is compared, if have what Europe Ⅱ discharges, also Europe Ⅲ is discharged, you should choose Europe Ⅲ . If have what Europe Ⅲ discharges, again Europe Ⅳ is discharged, you choose Europe Ⅳ to discharge. Go up in the choice of Europe Ⅲ and Europe Ⅱ especially, want " none hesitant " .

3, the platoon amount that compares engine. If the platoon quantity of A car is 1.8L, and the platoon quantity of B car is 1.6L, choose which good? The proposal chooses 1.8L. To the problem of oily bad news, if you are held accuse well, 1.8L and 1.6L oily bad news differ very few, can ignor even. And carry fast, go upland, the drill of hill road accuses a gender to wait, 1.6L and 1.8L photograph are compared however cannot " with day language " .

4, the configuration that compares active safety. Photograph of a few cars is compared, if A car has ABS unit, and B car is done not have however, you choose A vehicle right. If C car has ABS + EBD, vehicle of that your choice C is righter.

5, safer than passivity configuration. Two cars photograph is compared, if A vehicle did not provide safe gasbag, and B car has however deploy (even if only driver's seat deserves to have a) , hesitant what does that return? Consider B car; If C car and D car are compared, c car has double gasbag, and D car is more arrogant, already double gasbag has side to enrage shade again, the more the better of course.

6, than pensile device. Two cars photograph is compared, the independence of around of pensile unit department of A car is pensile structure, and the rear overhang of B car hangs dispute independence structure, if you want to take a surname much betterly measurable, the A that choosing around car bridge is independent and pensile structure is inerrable.

7, the length that compares wheelbase. (The distance between heart of the axle after showing front-wheel drive axes comes normally) compare two cars photograph, if the wheelbase of A car is a few longer than B car, then you choose A vehicle, because the accident of the stability of car travel and wheelbase has very big concern.
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