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Guangzhou is new discharge a standard to came on stage the most quickly in July
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Recently, he Rong friend expresses deputy director general of bureau of Guangzhou city environmental protection, the plan that Guangzhou city implements Ⅲ of motor vehicle country to discharge a standard ahead of schedule already was given by program of according to of the State Council subordinate is departmental the door undertakes evaluating examine and verify, at present the job of evaluation of examine and verify of all branches already was finished and agree to execute entirely. This is meant, guangzhou city will be sure executive country Ⅲ discharges a standard inside year, and the relevant personage of environmental protection bureau discloses, the new motor vehicle of Guangzhou discharges a standard the fastest hopeful came on stage July.

Consumer: Is Europe Ⅲ equal to a country Ⅲ ?

Core clew: Using car insusceptible new car must accord with a country Ⅲ standard

As we have learned, the mainstream that at present the majority sells in Guangzhou discharges a standard to be in Europe by what use car model Ⅱ above. Many consumer are mirrorred, what they care most now is, if bought model of Europe Ⅱ standard, guangzhou is executed new after discharging a standard, can be restricted the byelaw limitation such as travel a section of a highway by such as. Additional, of present model line out have Europe only discharge a standard, buy Europe Ⅲ model, can you adopt standard of Ⅲ of the following country?

He Rong friend expresses, once new standard is executed, do not have an influence to the old old car that using, and new car must accord with a country Ⅲ standard, do not grant to go up otherwise card.

Whether be equal to Europe Ⅲ at the country Ⅲ , beijing car institute teachs Xiao Yaping of class senior engineer to express, Ⅲ discharges the country main technique content of the standard and Europe Ⅲ discharge a standard basic and identical. Guangzhou city carries out a country ahead of schedule Ⅲ standard, if the model that sells in Guangzhou wants to be on this locality card, must be in on catalog of model of new standard of bureau of city environmental protection on a list of names posted up famous.

Manufacturer: Amount to mark unchallenged

Core clew: Buy a car to consult catalog of model of environmental protection bureau first

Vise general manager of service center of the sale austral Shanghai masses China makes Xin express, at present Shanghai people is rising be a model completely to discharge a standard stage by stage, like Sangdana 3000 had achieved Europe Ⅲ to discharge a standard, although POLO is Europe Ⅱ is discharged, but upgrade to be able to achieve Europe Ⅲ immediately through the technology even Europe Ⅳ .

Much is at present new appear on the market of the model discharge line out reachs Europe Ⅲ level, and the manufacturer home of a few models that have not achieve Europe Ⅲ , also claim to want to be improved through simple technology only can amount to mark. As we have learned, although many manufacturer on market allege,oneself car is Europe Ⅲ car, but there is no lack of among them pass away the sham as the genuine person. Europe is in early had executed Europe Ⅲ to discharge a standard 2000, manufacturer of a few cars alleges oneself car reachs Europe Ⅲ level, actual condition may be his archetypal car passed Europe Ⅲ test in Europe, whether has the model that produces in home amounted to mark very it's hard to say.
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