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QQ of 06 strange luck is trichromatic interior trim is driven for choosing item
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On June 1, strange luck car sells a company to announce 06 QQ put in the market formally.

As we have learned, the main feature of QQ of 06 strange luck is centered at two big fields, 4 sell a site greatly, come from the product combination at its redefine and configuration to upgrade respectively, and 1.1L series is comprehensive strange him luck of transhipment of through cargo litre of power that CAC472 efficient engine brings rise to drop with oily bad news.

More substantial: Combination is more reasonable, add deserve not to increase price

This the product line to QQ did strange luck company to be combed in the round, form by 6 3 old series, edition model, the matrix type product line that 14 products place forms. Among them 3 old series and past are same, because the distinction of dynamical assembly is 0.8L hand respectively,move archives and electron automatic archives, still 1.1L hand stirs file.

6 edition change is bigger, with 0.8L hand the department that stir file is labelled exemple, besides price twenty-nine thousand eight hundred yuan " basic model " held the position previously, the others each edition increase a lot of configuration that have allure quite on original price respectively, established the value new standard of whole world mini car not only, also broke through the bottom line that 40 thousand the following model did not have CD and scuttle in the past at the same time. Is ABS He Shuangan additionally complete gasbag and I-Say? ? The number listens the equipment that the car carries electronic speech system also promoted a car quality greatly.

Honester: Dynamical upgrade goes, oily bad news falls downward

What place of series of QQ06 money 1.1L equips is strange luck him companyBrand-new CAC472 engine, motive force is more powerful oily cost is lower. Compare with photograph of old money model, power of the biggest output reachs this engine 50kW, promotion 30% ; The biggest torqueFor 90Nm, promotion 8.4% . Bring acceleration to rise from this 20% . Litre of power of new engine is greater (> 45kW) , oilier than old money car bad news is reduced 11% , in urban travel the fast operating mode such as the commonnest 60km/h falls, 100 kilometers bad news is oily only 3.9 litres, after 0.8L discharges the engine course of the quantity to optimize, oily bad news also has drop substantially, the fast oil bad news such as 50km/h is 3.7L only.

In addition, 06 QQ still pass Italy's well-known Prototipo company to chassis move wholeheartedly school, in NVH(noise) reach drive accuse comfortable sex respect to also have bigger rise. In impressions respect, realized poor dissimilation further. For instance the color of interior trim, 0.8L hand uses archives series is gray, 0.8L electron is automatic archives series is black, and 1.1L series is cream-colored; In electron of the 0.8L on the exterior automatic archives and 1.1L series used 06 new bumper; And 1.1L series equiped again chromatic appearance and rack are waited a moment
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