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The State Council that held a few days ago is standing the conference comes out information, our country the sources of energy uses up the economy that increases the corresponding period of speed prep above to increase rate first half of the year this year. When the country develops and reform committee accepted reporter of Xinhua News Agency to interview recently about the personage, also introduce, domestic oil consumption appears to rise considerably trend, oil of crude oil, finished product imports growth to be in first half of the year 16% the left and right sides. The reporter thinks, these signal prove the car is energy-saving adequately working shoulder heavy responsibilities. Construction is managing model car society, concerned branch ought to tighten grip to live to measure a car for small " solution is restricted " wait for breach, continue firm is caught carry out, enlarge results of battle quickly.

Measure a car with small first half of the year " solution is restricted " for main breach, the car is energy-saving the job had certain propulsion inside countrywide limits. The steam in occupying assist statistic, homebred first half of the year this year car sells one million eight hundred and three thousand nine hundred. Among them 1.6 litres of 1 litre of above, the following cars sell nine hundred and seventy-eight thousand one hundred, 54.22% what take car total sales volume; Sedan sells one hundred and sixty-one thousand eight hundred under quantity of 1 litre of platoons, 8.97% what take car total sales volume. First half of the year, the big city such as Shanghai, Beijing complies with a country policy is small platoon to measure a car with the spirit central " solution is restricted " , guide private car consumption to measure progress to energy-saving small platoon, effectively drove a car the execution of energy-saving job.

But at present, also still the big city such as Guangzhou measures a car to do not have to small on time " untie a person " , a few cities measure the limitation of taxi operation respect to still exist to small, the orientaton when a lot of cities are choosing taxi model is to be without scruple the ground " spread is big (the platoon is measured) " . Door of the six ministries in feudal China allots " the announcement that develops opinion of the energy-saving environmental protection small car that discharge an amount about encouraging " was hit in executive level discount.

Once mentioned in announcement of door of the six ministries in feudal China, development is reformed appoint will organize special superintend and director to check with concerned branch, strengthen supervise and urge and coach. At the appointed time, did not measure a car for small on time " solution is restricted " city, ought to take out " view " ? The city that those change to boycott door of the six ministries in feudal China to inform is in charge of sectional controller, also ought to assume the responsibility of executive not do one's best.

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