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Shanghai is general put a word not to make price war or extreme market action
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On July 23, car of the 4th Guangzhou exhibits eve, shanghai is general held media high level the earliest to meet meeting, ministry of sale of Liu Yuehai of executive chief inspector of ministry of sale of Ding Lei of Shanghai general general manager, market and business affairs commerce, market carries out chief inspector Sun Xiaodong, right grass collective accepted external affairs Wu and Li Zheng of transmission chief inspector media is interviewed.

   Multiply this year predict to finish 3.8 million with the car

Reporter: Car city obtained bigger growth first half of the year, how look upon this year of city of car of second half of the year go situation?

Ding Lei: Multiply first half of the year finished many 190 with the car, we think demand of second half of the year is very big still. Although be in 5, ever appeared June hasten delay, but here has a lot of reasons, basically be a few manufacturer taller to market expectation value, cause a car to be begged for be more than greatly, cause from this depreciate. Still having a factor is oil price, I think its consumptive psychology to consumer is influential, but this is temporary. Because whole countryman economy is in,grow, the opportunity is consumed when at present so consumptive environment is mixed or had compared.

I forecast annual to multiply will amount to 3.8 million with the car, second half of the year still can continue to grow. Shanghai's current target is dovisher, we will according to established rhythm, do not make price war, also won't use market action of the extreme.

   Kaidilake is politic and homebred give priority to, the entrance is complementary

Reporter: Introduce Kaidilake please how is the homebred plan of second half of the year arranged?

Sun Xiaodong: About Kaidilake, shanghai is general be in homebred the overall strategy that go up, be with homebred give priority to, the entrance is complementary. We should be in most on the product of brunt homebred, the entrance complements as a kind, be aimed at small numerous market especially, if we hope before put in to this fractionize the market makes a few tests, may take entrance kind.

Ding Lei: Kaidilake is our brunt brand, shanghai is general have more comprehensive, long-term plan to Kaidilake, include homebred inside. Kaidilake is us the brand of will long-term development, so we can continue homebred Hua Kaidi pulls a gram. At present we are brewing homebred a brunt Kaidilake model, this one information wants to release immediately. Current foundation of this product Shanghai Chinese market condition, combine what latest technology develops Kaidilake.

   Effect sees at the beginning of much brand strategy

Reporter: Shanghai is general sales volume carries off first half of the year champion, the lead position that how keeps current are you excuse me?

Ding Lei: Preceding is temporary forever, how to keep banner continuously? It is ceaseless effort, shanghai is general it is a mainland turns a company, we have our development strategy, it is base oneself upon at mainland, natural resources of country of sufficient and integrated international, make the competitive advantage that dissimilation needs on core business chain.
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