Oily cars of 12 100 thousand yuan of the following provinces are recommended
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No matter was to buy a car, or be about to buy a car, or the person that is seeing a car all the time can say so: "The car is to be able to afford, but raise do not rise " . Just arrived in June the last ten-day of a month, domestic oil price moves price suddenly to 6 yuan many from 5 yuan many. It is example with 93 common benzine. Basic now 6 yuan of above, such oil price to a lot of cars advocate and a huge blow is undoubtedly for the potential customer that buy a car. The out of the expenditure that use a car with average household the biggest user at oily money. Press present oil price, even if is 7 litres / 100 kilometers, one kilometer is used up also want 4 wool 2 above. If average oil bad news 8 litres, so one kilometer is used up be close to 5 wool. Oily cost is lower it is thus clear that, pay of the cost that raise a car is lower. Below this kind of circumstance, oily bad news became a lot of families to set out from real economy angle the element of the consideration.

Of high oil price today, most person raises a car to be able to feel more and more demanding. The car lets people hurry to fear increasingly, convenient without it. Had pressure bigger, the mainest fall in the society of low welfare yes, must face the situation that prices collective shoots up, what all sorts of expenses increase increasingly is contradictory. Accordingly more people are willing to take public transportation or the taxi goes out row. Of course also many people do not abandon the dream of illicit home car at this point readily. And face the oil price tide that grow in intensity, in paying close attention to a model in the light of 100 thousand the following family, what car has an oily efficiency truly, became the main topic that we care now. The following, small make up everybody to recommend 12 100 thousand the following models, ask attention;

  1, Guangzhou Ben Tianfei is spent

Motivation discharges an amount: 1.3L-1.5

Market price case: Eighty-two thousand eight hundred - ninety-eight thousand eight hundred

Academic oil bad news: 5.0L-5.1L

Actual oil bad news: About 6.9-8.0L

Over all dimension (long / wide / tall) : 3845/1675/1535mm

Advantage: Line is beautiful, do manual work is painstaking, power is very, drive comfortable, car head modelling is fashionable

Defect: A column is in change direction from time to tome scotoma of line of sight, rear wheel rouses Buddhist templeput on the brakes

Regard a welcome low as car of small-sized both sides, fly degree not only exterior vogue is lovely, interior space also is one of big characteristics roomily, the individual rides instead of walk or use a car as the family very appropriate. Because platoon amount is small, automobile body is deft, engine technology is more advanced, fly so degree having very good fuel economy. Fly in spending whole set model, place of 1.5CVT model technology includes low engine and CVT to not have extremely transmission technology is more advanced, oily bad news also contrasts economy, fly degree of interior space is enough and contented individual or 3 home is used.
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