Numerous peaceful 5008, in lift urban PV wind
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On September 19 afternoon, the Chengdu international car that gathers in brand of top class car is exhibited, new model of numerous peaceful car -- numerous peaceful 5008 appear on the market ceremoniously. 1.3L of 5008 models cent, 1.5L discharges numerous peaceful twice quantity in all 4, price is 1.3L standard type 55900 yuan, 1.3L vogue 58900 yuan, 1.5L standard type 61900 yuan, 1.5L vogue 64900 yuan.

Current, RV model regards international as popular model, english name Recreation Vehicle, functional interpose is mixed at SUV between the car, what RV car has the appearance of cross-country temperament, car is delicate and comfortable and pass a gender goodly; Hold a safety and fuel economy concurrently, because distinctive function fixed position satisfied the diversification requirement of consumer, become a car to consume jumped-up force increasingly. Numerous peaceful the fixed position of 5008 is: City RV car, produce the advantage that tastes case of low of function and own brand by right of its, hopeful becomes the victory in city RV army.

Exterior interior trim piece:

Numerous peaceful of 5008 before the face is rich move feeling -- the headlight before brilliant getting is haloid, the appearance brights, illuminate range is wide, can let drive the person that multiply to understand road surface situation in time; On the delicate wide grille that take energy of life numerous peaceful LOGO all the more delicate and dazzing, suck can the bumper before type of an organic whole, atmosphere is sedate, move feeling is handsome, in crisis hour, provide the first protection; Dynamoelectric rearview mirror contains side to change the lamp and integral model be in harmony to an organic whole, model is compact, the outspread streamline, radian that has pulling force along side group lumbar line in the future is extended, the affection that acute meaning gallops is carefree and unripe. Caudal faze flows board with exalted brake lamp assorted can says perfect, the spare wheel of elaborate design is more handsome have a money.

On interior trim detail, numerous peaceful 5008 the station controls in using unifinication, the multinomial function such as collect CD, radio, air conditioning at a suit, cooperate vogue 3 steering wheel and appearance of LED cold light, clear control dominates each data, ensure drive a vehicle is safe; Seat of theatrical type fabric, exquisite and soft, make body and mind comprehensive experience comfortable, reduce drive by exhaustion; In the meantime, 5008 human nature change numerous peaceful science and technology catered to the people requirement to high quality life. The lock accuses in remote control can Sunday run, put a ground palm to charge car open passage completely; Semi-automatic air conditioning can realize indoor to driving thermoregulation easily, and used 360 degrees of adjustable ventilated outlet; The rearview mirror outside children safety lock, dynamoelectric adjustment and prevent blindfold rearview mirror, aeriform in the deep-felt consideration that can experience an architect to take staff to driving.
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