Of the individual character of individual character teacher anthology
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When 2008 teacher's day come, the vogue that is aimed at a few teachers is changed, personalized demand, we chose a few motivation technically quality of trenchant, technology all belongs to characteristic of driving, appearance excellent model, with equipment teachers the choose and buy consults.

Horse 6: Enjoy a space, stress safety

Ursine teacher: Physical teacher is 31 years old

The car that I expect] : Work 7 years, marry 3 years, standard of living is on orbit gradually, of short duration did not plan to want a child, want to be being taken the advantage of young play two years again, the job of wife and income are steadier also.

Bilateral recently parents supports us to buy a car, turned big round one to car city, doing budgetary set all formalities inside the limits of 200 thousand.

There also are many B class cars to drop into on market now 200 thousand yuan, but configuration is relatively inferior, my present attention basically is centered in the horse on 6 bodies. 2.0L matchs high edition is already enough on motivation I was used, the security that I pay attention to configuration respect is more outstanding, the most important is this car space quite big, at ordinary times back row sits 3 people also be able to pass, leg ministry space is better than car of a few class A much.

[the reporter recommends] : Buy Ma Zida model to silver-colored fast inn now, can enjoy the following privilege: Buy a horse 6 either model, need to spend 2000 yuan only, can obtain value 13000 yuan of luxurious self-help " formula " ; Buy model of Ma Zida either, can obtain the car business that gives Yin Xun special preparation to be sure; Every the client that in teacher's day, the Mid-autumn Festival, National Day these 3 holiday buy model of Ma Zida either still can be obtained give 1000 yuan of sections to celebrate brigade " oily " cost; The special privilege that is aimed at a teacher is above 3 festivals bought a car to still can obtain additional value that day 1000 yuan benzine.

RCR contest fast: Move move is very, change one's costume or dress convenient

Mr. Yang: Teacher of school of the first foreign language is 26 years old

[the car that I expect] : Work 2 years, income is steady, not burden building borrows money, car head can be bought to pay support in the home, can buy bicycle price 100 thousand right-and-left car, choice motility is stronger, the exterior is beautiful beautiful model, oily bad news cannot too tall. Because oneself are used, of car change one's costume or dress potential is greater, need has solid batholith, suspension is propped up strong, car is held charge a sex strong, the car that the road has felt, both sides is beautiful.
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