Shanghai plans to carry out road jam to collect fees travel of car of limitative
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Controller of Shanghai transportation management department expressed a few days ago, shanghai will need capacity of road of sue for peace according to the market, the adjusting control measure with more perfect research and dimensions of reasonable motor vehicle gross, in proper when carry out " road jam collects fees " .

This one practice restricts region of choice part downtown illicit car to be in travel of specific period of time, enlarge public transportation route authority thereby, raise the rate of the bus. According to forecasting, in execute " jam collects fees " inside area, traffic hopeful reduces 10 % to arrive 20 % , average speed will raise 15 % to arrive 25 % . Because do not close to the bus,have a cost, public transportation give a cost to will be reduced relatively, this also hopeful enhances public transportation appeal.

Collecting to illicit car persuade control to use " principle while, shanghai will take finance subsidy, " monthly ticket " " week ticket " wait for diversification ticket to make step, those who reduce a citizen is public transportation give a cost. Current, shanghai dweller every months public transportation give a defray to be 175 yuan, occupy the 7 % of average wage about, and this one word is 4 % in Hong Kong, in Singapore lower. Shanghai city considers to make clear related institute of integrated traffic program, public traffic is medium of low income group basically give a way, fare is the mainest factor that whether they choose way of this kind of traffic, when public transportation when the 5 % that gives a charge to hold average wage is the following, the citizen sits with respect to more willing choice public transportation.

Reducing public transportation give a cost while, concerned branch will continue to optimize integrated center the city zone network of public transportation route, pass open up public transportation and special path, executive signal is first and the measure such as informatization management, raise public transportation speed and standard feature rate, let hard " by public transportation also can punctual go to an appointment " become reality.