After driving first, take an examination of learn car save labour according to a
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Somebody complains, say present " driveway killer " too much, because drive officer administration lax, groom non-standard, "Groom can escape class, the exam also can seek a person imposture, which can give an issue! " the work in the same placing's little sister went to England, complain repeatedly drive school is non-standard killed her: "Those had not learned to drive in home, can pass an exam very quickly. We these take an examination of a driver's license truly in home, however because ' inveterate change hard ' , 3 4 by ' shoot ' . "

Actually, the car learns in abroad, also not likely attends class have many strict, groom have many meticulous, attend class want what class, generation takes an examination of to check dactylogram escapes in case, estimation also is Chinese initiate. Accordingly, want to increase the condemnatory strength to violate the rules and regulations only, "Driveway killer " affirmative meeting is being grabbed " melt down " , this and we went to abroad to dare not wear a driveway in disorder is a manage.

   The United States: Save labour learning a car be economical

The car learns in the United States too simple, too cheap also.

Be in the United States, without the car, can not move a step almost. The city that for instance Mr Ma is in, public traffic is very underdeveloped, public transportation circuitry is little, the order is long, sit public transportation as good as expends time at billow. Contrary, the city over there is built, it is driving person consider everywhere. Buy Mcdonald's to need not get off, sell goods window is clingy car window; There is what set only before drug-store door " car dispensation window " ; The height that enters the mouth even mailbox also with the driver sit tall be identical, jockey, stretch his hand, can throw the letter.

"National condition " forcing Mr Ma that does a student over goes learning to drive. To explain get a driver's license, the regulation of American each city agrees basically, need not attend drive school study, want your exam to pass only, can take this.

The whole thing, mr Ma spent a many week only, completed study. It is by the friend that can drive besides before two days on the side for company, most time is give priority to in order to teach oneself. He lent a this cropland the car to the friend, in the dusk or night, go around in circles on the parking lot of hollowness. The car that learns at the beginning is to be blocked automatically, was familiar with steering wheel, do not feel satisfy a craving, borrowed a hand to move again block play.

Self-conscious technology pass a barrier, apply for an exam to traffic management department of place. Examination time is agreed by both sides. It is written examination of many minutes 10 first, next by take an examination of an official to accompany beside, had undertaken lever takes an exam. Finally is road take an examination ofing, circuit moves round on highway, turn a few turns, move build again at most. If was passed, the ground says smilingly of the meeting that take an examination of an official: "Congratulate you! " if fail, take an examination of an official same smilingly: "I am sorry, the welcome comes again! The welcome comes again!!
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