Drive school introduce IC card to collect fees pelter of systematic expense hope
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From drive the director branch of school to arrive student, charge learning a car and education quality get attention fully all the time. Current, shanghai pilot move learn a car to time collect fees new IC gets stuck. Pilot move time collect fees the dominant position with the most prominent method depends on: Student masters the option to the coach from beginning to end; To can passing the student of the exam, charge learning a car but managing nearly 500 yuan.

Learn a car to be brushed first calorie

As we have learned, this kind times the installation of the equipment of system of new IC card that collect fees, debug the job to had been finished, had been in the driver of Cheng a person of extraordinary powers that is located in Xu Hui area grooms the company began to try move.

This kind times collect fees the system is divided into two parts, the car that is train car carries timing equipment; 2 it is the can charge a cost new-style IC card that student uses. The car of train car carries timing equipment to be similar to the valuation that uses on the taxi implement, different point depends on driving school time collect fees systematic rate is the time that attends a car, and do not involve travel course of development. As we have learned, at present whole town already had 5 train cars that assembled this kind of equipment. And the traffic that the student card that student uses resembles be being used extensively at present gets stuck. The member that after student signs up, will get one piece learns gets stuck, before driving, the car that should insert student card train car to go up only carries time implement, the actual time that student drives will get be recordinged according to the facts, and the time that student can record by place pays charge that learns a car, also can keep tuition beforehand first of course, when learning a car, deduct stage by stage again.

50 class hour " do calm "

pilot time mediumly collect fees the practice of one-time paid and total cost before learning the change the car in the past, fee pays after student can learn a car first, learn what the car pays 1 hour 1 hour to groom cost; Also can keep tuition beforehand, when learning a car, buckle stage by stage on time pay. It is reported, this kind times the system that collect fees, the rate of model of mulberry tower accept is surely at present horary 75 yuan, 50 class hour (do not include those who make compasses examination to groom time) , check-up cost signing up and exam charge additional plan. Will tell every student commonly from sign up to take driver's license altogether to need 4250 yuan.

Drive at present of school groom the prices value of charge is 4800 yuan, be compared and it is cheap that total value meets talk nearly 500 yuan.

Student but at any time " fry " coach

Because student place holds student card to be able to be in whole town any be driven use on school and train car, if drive school dissatisfaction to the place,this means student, can " jump " go to another, or choose other trainer to continue to learn, and the class hour that student card records formerly will continue effective. Accordingly, drive school also cannot receive tuition to finish sth again; And student also won't have the sort of formerly handing in again sufficient tuition is like Alexandrine the similar feeling of pirate ship.
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