Beijing road takes an examination of make-up examination to cancel compulsive cl
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The person that learn a car is driven in Beijing school make-up examination learning a car, train what need 10 hours no longer compulsively since now. This is yesterday a when Beijing hands in tubal bureau car to be in charge of place to announce new measure.

As we have learned, beijing drives groom exam job is executed since April 2000 time groom. By " driver of study of Beijing motor vehicle times groom administrative measure (try out) " regulation, field or road drive exam make-up examination still unqualified student, must train via 10 hours again, just can make an appointment again exam. The part drives school basis this regulation, the student collection that grooms to needing to increase 10 hours grooms charge.

To protect student interest already, strict and normative driver grooms exam, what car canal combines the Ministry of Public Security " motor vehicle driver's license explain get and use a provision " thirtieth sets, drive to field or road since now the student with exam unqualified make-up examination, the time limit that examine and verify enters oneself for an examination afresh after 20 days, the compulsive training that does not need repass 10 hours, the driver grooms unit (drive school) cannot want those who beg student to have a certain number of hours compulsively to groom.

In addition, since now, car canal place controls clique person specially assigned for a task or job each to drive school " cancel compulsive class hour " circumstance, if student encounters relevant problem, can dial drive school place to belong to a car to be in charge of substation phone to undertake informing against.