Beijing hands in tubal bureau to be about to revise traffic sign, graticule in t
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City makes tubal inning yesterday message, beijing is about to revise the traffic sign of whole town, graticule in the round. At the appointed time taxi parking space will by active maize instead white, get off on cent and entertain a guest two kinds of circumstances; Prohibit motor vehicle is current mark by " no entry " unified adjust for " prohibit sailing " or " off-limits " .

   Active " no entry " mark general out of service

According to city establishment of the bureau that make a valve is in staff member introduction, modification mark brigadier consults GB5768-1999 " road traffic sign and graticule " national level revises sheet the 2nd number. According to new national standard, original " prohibit × × is current " the mark needs to unite adjust for " prohibit × × sails " mark and " prohibit × × is entered " mark. Be based on this, beijing is active " prohibit × × is current " mark general out of service, replace for " prohibit × × sails " or " prohibit × × is entered " . In addition, car of article of new standard danger will be emphasized to handle, prohibit carrying dangerous article car to sail mark general by from inside bearing a mark sheet lists come. Beijing prohibits suspension newly carrying dangerous article car to sail mark.

   Solid line dotted line is divisional " wait for a guest " " fluctuation guest "

According to introducing, adjust graticule of taxi parking space this to alter the biggest, will add inside new taxi parking space " taxi " model of written characters. In addition, still be cent " frame solid line " and " frame dotted line " two kinds of circumstances, frame is solid line, meaning namely " the taxi is special entertain a guest parking space " , taxi but herein jockeys wait for a guest; Frame is dotted line, meaning namely " the taxi is special fluctuation passenger car " , allow only fluctuation guest jockeys when the taxi is short.

   Whole journey of the 5 annulus inside year is added " lowermost speed limit " mark

Before this, mark of Beijing speed limit basically is " top speed limit " a kind. Henceforth, it is beyond mark of original and top speed limit, still will increase number of lowermost speed limit. Inside this year, 5 annulus whole journey will be applied delimit " lowermost speed limit " mark.

Between top speed limit and lowermost speed limit, will try to distinguish with color: Color of number of top speed limit is yellow, can use alone; Color of number of lowermost speed limit is white, need and top speed limit " form a complete set " use.

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On June 13, "10 thousand yuan of amerce " party Du Baoliang court of Xiang Xicheng district mentions appeal, in its appeal reason one is namely: Establish head of Yu Zhenwu temple ban a mark not to accord with GB5768, 1999 " road traffic sign and graticule " national level.

GB5768-1999 " road traffic sign and graticule " for mandatory national level, its revise chief of the Xiongnu in ancient China the 2nd number to obtained a country to standardize administrative committee approval on September 28, rose to be carried out in the whole nation on October 1 this year.
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