Beijing hands in tubal branch to father check overspeed
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Begin from yesterday, the branch that make a valve in line of freeway, nation, main province center investment to measure fast equipment, severe check motor vehicle overspeed. The Ministry of Public Security expresses, set speed per hour to exceeding the driver of 50% , the department that make a valve will be same lawfully revoke driver's license of its motor vehicle.

Punish overspeed again of 20% above

The reporter understood from the Ministry of Public Security yesterday, does next year reach since November 20 this year oneself on March 1? The Ministry of Public Security will begin accident of precautionary spy old liaison man 100 days in the whole nation agonistic activity, prevent and reduce traffic accident especially group die group of injuries are especially big traffic accident. According to introducing, at present public security hands in tubal branch to line of freeway, nation, will main province and had travelled the key a section of a highway that the course regards order as punish, center investment to measure fast equipment. Requirement of the Ministry of Public Security, every group that make a valve wants those who install two place to investigate speeding to measure fast place at least, measure fast time everyday not less than 6 hours, to overspeed of 20% above want lawfully from heavy punishment.  

Severe check passenger car surchage

Chief expresses related the Ministry of Public Security, public security makes a valve sectional general investigates overspeed of surchage of passenger transport car, motor vehicle, van strictly to break the law lawfully after carrying person, wine, drive, exhaustion drives and without the card the serious traffic such as the car that do not have card violates act, ensure occurence rate of passenger car surchage does not exceed 5% , the overspeed of key a section of a highway violates behavior occurence rate not to exceed 10% . In the country with traffic big flow line of mainstay of path, province path is mixed freeway province border, interurban establishs traffic safety to inspect service station, execute round-the-clock system of 24 hours of service, chase a car to register to car of 9 above passenger transport, examination. Uniform to surchage passenger car execute discharge guest transfer, sail to exhausted excuse me the person instructs on the spot to rest.

Concentration discards as useless motor vehicle

Introduce according to this controller, it is an unit with highway policeman squadron, the serious traffic such as the overspeed that check correct, surchage violates behavior measure not less than 20% what always examine correct number. Before the end of the year, door of the Ministry of Public Security still will begin concentration to discard as useless the special operation of motor vehicle, through extending advice note supervises and urge the car sponsors grain traffic to discard as useless formalities, make discard as useless thereby cancel lead and inform rate achieve 100% . Additional, public security hands in tubal branch to return collect large and medium-sized the car drives the person produces traffic accident and traffic to violate billiard-marker condition inside year, responsibility of fatal accident of traffic of main to having above or traffic break the law full passenger transport of 12 minutes drives the person will prohibit be engaged in spring carry.
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