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24 fresh life, this is people to be known better " dead cereal " paid price.

On December 4 20 when 20 minutes or so, the 8 freeways that amount to mountain enter Chang Ping area 49 kilometers handle Beijing way, one lades the old freight car of Inner Mongolia license plate of calcium carbide, because apply the brake is out of order, chase after dash against to be the same as a coach of directional travel, two cars cross path together left after the gully of more than meters of about 20 place, the calcium carbide on fire that hold is drawn inside two cars and van, cause 24 people death, 1 person is weighed, two people flesh wound, 6 people are slight injury.

It is reported, traffic accident of this 8 high speed that amount to mountain, it is the accident of the oldest liaison man that since Beijing new China holds water, produces. After the accident, municipal government is urgent to sit a meeting, ask complete platoon checks hidden trouble. All the time since, yanqing of the 8 freeways that amount to mountain takes Beijing way from battalion city child the entrance till the Juyongguan Pass, be a danger crowd an a section of a highway. This one a section of a highway 50 kilometers are sent as a result of accident frequency to 55 kilometers place, be called " dead cereal " a section of a highway.

According to introducing, "Dead cereal " be look one paragraph be like gently road surface, actually this a section of a highway is a declivous crooked road of dish of hill design, add the channel that should take a 3 kilometers to grow, the driver is in imperceptible in already speeding, put in huge safety hidden danger. Relevant data shows, from 1998 since be open to traffic, road of the 8 high speed that amount to mountain " dead cereal " produce accident of great liaison man many cases 200 in all, dead number has reached 94 people.

In fact, have been to the person of the 8 Great Walls that amount to mountain, the metropolis is impressive to this road. Hill brow urgent, road condition is complex, plus here be Beijing of pass in and out is important " toll-gate " , the large freight car that can see dish of hill on the way and goes, because typical accident was become here,send the ground more, but always put fluky driver purposely to remain the same obtrusive drive a vehicle, make tragedy ceaseless perform.

Tragic Bei, the Bei that depends on losing a dear one not only deeps sorrow, depend on the family member's blood and do not have more those who wake up people opposite life is awe-stricken. "Exercise, it is to let life originally better living, now, however because of this, make many 20 fresh life immediately die of jade of popular pass the time in a leisurely way, we have to say, this is the biggest distress of life! " a scholar is in county of source of refer Shanxi ooze is especially big when traffic accident, say distressedly: "That driving driver, still have the leaders of the school, if consciousness of many bits of life, of life of many bits of opposite awe-stricken, if regard each life truly,be husk, tragedy won't happen possibly also. Tragedy won't happen possibly also..
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