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Fierce peace was in spokesman of vice director of general office of the Ministry of Public Security, news recently traffic of the bitterly attack on the press conference violates act. He says, the number that died at traffic accident last year had reached 100 thousand person. The dead number of Chinese traffic accident resides global a list of names posted up already high head, 1/5 what take the world.

We had been far from chaos caused by war, but our traffic accident mortality differs with war of a miserable intense however very few. The inaccuracy that makes to Iraqi war according to concerning an expert cuts estimation, dead number can be amounted to at most 100 thousand, with true gun then true artillery piece undertakes one

Modern war! Found in effort " harmonious society " today, advocate in " it is with the person this " times, the life put an end to of 100 thousand brethren under the wheel at ourselves, can this bloody number call us to feel astonish?

"The Chinese is to not be afraid of death really! " this is the deep feeling that gives out after the traffic current situation that a foreigner witnessed China, believe a lot of compatriots also can have the same feeling. The student gives morning exercises on the driveway, cyclist is worn between the car will be worn, drive flying car, the pedestrian surmounts segregation hurdle, the road shoulder of the freeway became overtake to, the car does not let a pedestrian, the pedestrian does not walk along pedestrian crosswalk... life appears how insignificant in such disorder.

A friend that has been to nearly 100 countries says, he every arrive a country, always see liaison man first, traffic is the truest portraiture of quality of people of a country. These year come, our freeway repairs better more, the driveway jumps over develop wider, car is increasing, the city had modern air accordingly, as metropolitan as the west even also differ very few, these change let a lot of foreigners praise greatly really. But, face the disorder of traffic order, they were given out however " the Chinese is not afraid of death " exclamation, this exclamations what go out fully is deep worry, also refract the acerb contradiction that gave contemporary China place to be faced with: The modernization that develops quickly and lack the moral sanction that break ceaselessly.

Traffic needs rigorous management, need moral consciousness more. Reducing traffic accident is regular not merely complete, execute the law severe lax problem. You can rely on to photograph will strengthen management like camera lens, but you are in impossibly all crossing mount camera lens, to cherishing the person of life, camera lens, regulation is otiose. If drive, those who cycle with what walk it is daredevil, even if road is again modern, regulation is again strict, also cannot avoid a car to destroy the accident that the person dies. Besides, modern rate is higher, the risk that the accident creates and harm are greater also.
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