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Guangzhou: 1000 yuan 8 learn fare man-to-man learn a car are you willing
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Whole town is driven more of school learn fare to considered rising in price once more recently, this is the reporter is driven from much place school acquisition information. According to investigation, at present Guangzhou city driver grooms cost collects fees go to 3500 yuan in 2800 yuan more between, predicting near future can promote 300~500 again yuan. The tuition that has had individual school at present broke through 4000 yuan to close greatly.

Drive school carry valence to provoke controversy

It is reported, the near future is driven school carry valence learns outline, oil price with use Protestantism once more violent wind rises about, the part is driven school also because of use new model and promote the price. Nevertheless, because each are driven school to strive for student, all the time eagerly demand a low price, add education cost to have very big difference, because this also has a share,drive school express temporary " not throw the troops into battle " .

Concerned personage tells a reporter, "Adjust of policy ceaselessly to motor vehicle driver's license as the country, drive school liberal art and road surface to groom need to have an examination according to protestant material regulation. Cost learning a car goes high stage by stage, groom establishment, groom time, groom content perhaps increases in promotion, cost learning a car raises to also be in anticipation. Cost learning a car raises to also be in anticipation..

The reporter discovers one part student to express dissatisfaction to learning a car to rise in price when interview. Mr Chen expresses, even if is use Protestantism material, drive school groom jerry still very outstanding, class hour of as above theory, the coach just sends an a piece of CD, book each, remain it is him back answer only.

In addition, a few student are mirrorred, alleged star class drives the such-and-such branch of school is private only mostly actually hang lean, do not have fixed field learning a car more very much. Because this student is common an a car, coach, wait for scholarship of a hour 20 minutes the phenomenon of the car still very general. Even student signs up 3 months had not touched a car. "Learn fare promotion, but valence comparing reduces the sex that learns a car however, fall in the premise that does not assure education quality so, drive school promotion price and unreasonable. " Mr Chen expresses.

  "One person one car one coach " mode appears

The reporter discovers when interview, learn the requirement of car individuation in the light of the citizen, "One person one car one coach " mode learning a car appears.

According to Guangzhou city Guangzhou Bai Yun hands in carry to groom chief introduction of the center, at present majority is driven school or " 4 people one car of one coach " the bottom class in a kindergarten grooms, the time that every student handles a practice actually is very few. In " one person one car one coach " groom in mode, student can make an appointment through the phone, requirement coach is showing calm time provides service learning a car, not fixed groom order and groom time, student can enjoy one car alone. White cloud something sheds the Cheng manager of the company to had participated in this kind to groom, he expresses, "Man-to-man " mode learning a car goes to the lavatory neatly, when efficient province, cater to high level of a few companies to learn car demand quite.
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