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Drive school learn a car to time collect fees Hangzhou plans to carry out learn
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Below the premise that establishs floor level of necessary class hour, student learns a car to be expended by small chronometer. It is OK to comprehend student earlier " dispatch troops " , reduce tuition; And late " dispatch troops " the resource that student wants to be his to be expended more " bury sheet " . Yesterday, the reporter serves the relevant controller of management board to be in know from Hangzhou city motor vehicle, carry out student " time collect fees " by a definite date of mode learning a car is not far. Current, prices branch also should collect fees in survey the feasibility of plan.

   Big student learns a car to meet with refus

Because Hangzhou learns a car to execute " a system of payment partly in kind and partly in cash " , if student percent of pass is not tall, certainly will is returned groom, drive school affirmation to get deficient money, so big student learns a car to often meet with refus. Ms. Shen that lives in gold to wish community this year 47 years old, the advertisement learning a car that before long she is in a village according to paste before, find a private coach to learn a car. Did not think of the other side feels her age passes big and do not agree to teach her.

Be engaged in driving earth up old Wu Shi instructor to tell a reporter, the student of Hangzhou is in drive officer pay after norm study charge, can be in all the time drive groom in school (deadline is two years commonly) until take an examination of a driver's license till. Accordingly, a few individual those who manage is small-sized drive school, to assure oneself profit, often the male of above of the female student of above of 35 one full year of life, 40 one full year of life learns rejection member.

   Return earth up cost horary 60 yuan

In the meantime, drive the management that fosters line of business to increase of progressively standard and exam difficulty stage by stage as Hangzhou, each drove school end " sudden huge profits " times, groom cost raises point-blank.

Hangzhou city east the letter drives a coach of school to tell a reporter, an aunt that he is teaching is taken an examination of 7 times repeatedly did not pass. Student is returned every time groom want alone education, press 60 yuan of costing hourly, return model 3 hours every time, return 7 times earth up, the school is this aunt much defray 1260 yuan of charge. If teach such a few student more, the school and coach worked in vain.

   Drive hopeful of school teacher and student more normative

In interviewing, the Wu Guoying of school of Hangzhou car ability tells a reporter, execute " time collect fees " the study class hour that can make sure student is certain already, also can reduce the school to return earth up cost, increase the coach's enthusiasm. In be helpful for driving school while, new pattern also is an interest good news to student.

According to introducing, although time,collect fees the plan still is in survey, but the mode that expends at uniting capture now relatively, one-time in the future the student that passes an exam collects fees affirmative meeting is less than now, religion with learn also will more normative.
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