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Guangzhou drives school move again learn car high cost: Tuition comes violent wi
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New " motor vehicle driver grooms education outline " and new " motor vehicle driver grooms teaching material " carry out formally at the beginning of March hind, guangzhou drives the charge learning a car of school to be shown greatly each rise ceaselessly trend, drive the rate of school normally already from 2000 multivariate go up current 3400 yuan or so. The reporter interviewed tens of home dimensions recently bigger drive school understanding to arrive, tuition rises won't stop, the near future rises violent wind reach 4000 yuan.
Cost signing up develops 4000 yuan continuously
The reporter interviewed understanding to arrive recently, an Jun, wide how, blessing China drive the C of school to illuminate car tuition to all have 400 than before - 600 yuan go up. And almost every are driven school say to still be met inside the near future have more substantially rise, tuition breaks through 4000 yuan probably.
Of charge change and rising appear of content as the exam actually. For instance first time rose in price last year even if because of simple moving the library turned complex butterfly into picket.
"The tuitional time that more or less basically sees you sign up, if you sign up now, had not added take an examination of that content, your tuitional likelihood is handed in less a few; And sign up next month, much road of a hill, have to hand in 300 yuan more. Difficulty increased, education cost raises subsequently, tuitional nature also rises. " some drives the Feng of school to surname a master to tell a reporter.
Because drive the project of school exam nearly one year to increase ceaselessly all the time, difficulty also is being increased gradually, driving school tuition so also is " issue an order in the morning and rescind it in the evening " , a hurricane, and the meaning that this kind of trend has not stopped. By drive the version of school, process of exam of second half of the year still can become more heavy and complicated, difficulty also can increase, if sign up after a month again, rate is probable namely 4000 yuan.
Percent of pass reduces make-up examination to expend difficult province
New outline is executed to learning a car " time make " , the class hour of different model has lengthen, among them, the class hour of C category extends 86 period from 58 class hour, extended 28 period. New outline returns a regulation, the theory of every student grooms time must not exceed 6 class hour everyday, real operation grooms time must not exceed 2 class hour everyday.
Accept the provision of new outline, before " crash law learning a car " will exist hard, student learns car time to should be controlled in half an year, one catastrophe problem is undoubtedly for this pair of person that learn a car.
Class hour is lengthened, difficulty is increased, make the fraction defective of student increases greatly. Ms. Zhang that is in charge of driving to groom theoretically according to introduces, academic exam is relatively simple, want to spend time to read teaching material only, finish the title in inscribing a library, general metropolis is eligible. But road take an examination ofing follows theory is not one and the same, reexamination of a lot of people a few cannot pass a barrier. A bridge gentleman that just studied hill way in Cen Cun tells a reporter, he has time to practice pass a barrier of ability alarmingly dangerous almost, and at the back of him 3 student of a car got at the same time " come again next time " conclusion. "What hear of before this and me is completely different, friends are taken an examination of previously, percent of pass is in basically 90% above. Present fraction defective increased greatly. " slower to a few reaction, make-up examination cost is handed in to will make a saves hard pay in charge learning a car probably for the student that did not practice hard.
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